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The population of San Diego, CA was estimated to be 1, in Minimum Wage The State of California enforces different minimum wages in some districts. The city of San Diego may be in a district with a different minimum wage than this. Additionally, the city served as a home for several military bases and naval air stations, which increased in size after World War II.

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High paying local driving jobs

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They are business owners operating a trucking company, even if they have just one truck. The skies are the limit for owner-operators, and their take-home pay ultimately depends on the amount of work they are willing or able to take on. Owner-Operators with 2. We give owner-operators complete freedom to run their business and the power of the back-end support of a primary carrier by giving them access to hundreds of curated loads. For owner-operators who want to drive under our authority, we offer our Flex program.

Once a driver is approved, and they download the app, they are ready to accept the loads they like, and start earning.. Ready to learn more? Head on to our Getting Started. As depicted in the TV show, these drivers operate in the wilderness areas deep in the northern latitudes of Canada.

They take on immense risk as they traverse challenging terrain and dangerous road conditions to deliver cargo to remote towns and mining operations. Optimal conditions for these loads exist for a few short months out of the year. These drivers earn a full year's salary in that short period, giving them time to pursue other opportunities during the off-season or enjoy their time off.

To become an ice road trucker, you need several years of experience and a history of safe operation with a broad range of equipment. It's considered one of the most challenging ways to drive a truck but also one of the most lucrative. As a result, oversized haulers must display a higher than average skill in maneuvering loads such as construction equipment, wind turbines, mobile homes, and industrial machinery.

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These drivers must follow additional regulations that specify the routes and times of day these loads are legally allowed to move. As a result, an escort crew is often required, and some companies require the driver to hire their escort team. Because these large items are usually quite expensive, additional insurance and other precautions are required.

A higher compensation for the driver behind the wheel of these behemoth loads comes with the territory. They must exercise extreme caution to avoid damaging these high-value loads. Even when parked, these drivers must take additional precautions to ensure another driver's negligence doesn't damage the load and follow special procedures to protect against theft.

Typically a team consists of two drivers in the same truck, driving in shifts to keep their load moving up to twenty-two hours a day. To give you an idea of how big a difference this makes, consider that it typically takes a solo driver six days to drive from coast to coast. A team can make the same trip in as little as three days. Attend all required company meetings. Other duties may be assigned.

Experience 2 years local food or beverage delivery experience preferred. Pallet breakdown and hand cart delivery experience preferred. For internal associates, or if market conditions warrant, Sysco may opt to require completion of Sysco's Entry-Level Driver Training Program within first 12 weeks of Driver employment, in place of 1 year CMV experience.

Professional Skills Operate vehicle in a variety of traffic and weather conditions. Meet or exceed minimum productivity levels established by the Company. Meet or exceed established cases per error goals Demonstrate strong customer relations and problem resolution skills.

Effectively plan and organize work activities independent of direct supervision. Develop a good working knowledge of product and inventory control techniques and procedures. Maintain ongoing inter-department communications related to routing, safety, and customer relations.

Able to read, write and communicate in English as it relates to the job and the safety regulations. Must have basic math skills add, subtract, multiply, divide. With over 57, associates and a fleet of over 13, vehicles, Sysco operates approximately distribution facilities worldwide and serves more than , customer locations. We offer our associates the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, to contribute to the success of a dynamic organization, and to serve others in a manner that exceeds their expectations.

We're looking for talented, hard-working individuals to join our team. Come grow with us and let us show you why Sysco is at the heart of food and service.

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Local cdl jobs nashville tn Pickup, load and unload damaged goods and customer returns, and complete necessary paperwork. The second consideration for lifestyle and being home with family is schedule flexibility. Owning your truck comes jobs increased responsibility and upfront costs, but in addition to the ability to earn more, you also get increased control of your schedule and flexibility. Often these specialty niche jobs come with varying degrees of risk and danger involved The high paying truck driver jobs in these specialized areas of trucking are sometimes driving jobs that not many truckers are attracted to for various reasons. Drivers can fall into the trap of taking on more shifts to make up for the high paying pay and end up having longer days.
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Local truck driving jobs in bakersfield ca Complete DOT logs electronic or manual as requiredcompany vehicle maintenance reports and reconcile with appropriate company representative as required. Once a driver is approved, and they download the app, they are ready to accept the loads they like, and start earning. The second consideration for lifestyle and being home with family is schedule flexibility. They must exercise extreme caution to avoid damaging these high-value loads. Shorter routes means more time home with family and friends. Since jobs are typically working in the same region, you are also able to build better jobs with the driving and material producers you work paying local. LinkedIn My take on a truck driving career is this.

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Jobs have higher degree of danger involved. More liability — With greater risk, comes more liability. Higher skill level — A more complex skill set required specific to the specialized niche. Working in remote areas. Some truck driving jobs demands working in a remote or sparsely populated area. The cost of living for truckers in such an area could be considerably higher, too, if the work requires that the driver live in the area where the job is.

They offer one of the best paying truck driving jobs in the U. The expectations are higher than most companies, but in return, they pay a higher than average salary. There are many job challenges and dangers involved in a driving job in the ice roads, such as extreme temperatures, excessive winter storms and poor road conditions.

Driving jobs hauling hazmat materials tend to pay well above the average driving wage. The driver is not only hauling dangerous goods, but they sometimes are exposed to chemical fumes when piping off hazardous chemicals. IF you are with the right trucking company, tanker truck driving jobs can be quite lucrative. Oversized Loads There are trucking companies which specialize in hauling over-sized load hauls.

Specialty Car Haulers There are a few carriers which have a high level of expertise at hauling very expensive and vintage cars. The trailers are enclosed. It takes a very patient driver and one who is meticulous when handling the high dollar cargo.

Team Driving Some teams do very well financially. One of the problems with teams, is that the drivers often suffer from burn out and although the schedule is technically legal, the drivers are unable to keep up the hectic, stressful schedule for extended periods of time. The rate of pay and number of miles presented by the carrier always sounds appealing. However, loading delays and bad weather cut down on the miles for teams. Husband and wife teams can do very well, if both are drivers.

They can live on the road for long periods if necessary and have no obligations for home time. Local routes usually require multiple stops each day, and most also require you to load and unload the freight. In many cases, local drivers make less than OTR drivers.

Get Paid to Travel Depending on your employer, you may have the opportunity to travel across the country — and get paid to do it. Many OTR truckers say the best part of working the job was exploring small towns that people rarely visit, and meeting the friendly locals. Some drivers make lifelong friends on their travels around the country. While you may not always be able to stop for long, you still get the opportunity to at least see many places people will never see in their lifetime.

More home time means you get to spend more time with the kids, or focus on things you enjoy doing outside of work. If you have a family or goals you want to achieve outside of work, a local trucking job may be the better option for you. Some companies also offer additional benefits that may interest you. Many companies are now also offering health and wellness benefits, with gym memberships and nutritional support. Local and OTR driving jobs both have their benefits. If you must have regular home time, choosing a local job is a no-brainer.

And many trucking companies are looking for more local drivers because many people would rather work OTR.