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Once hired, required tasks involve supervising, interacting, and tending to the general physical and emotional needs of infants and children. Child Care Responsibilities: As mentioned above, child care industry professionals such as facility directors and teachers encounter longer lists of qualifications.

Teachers must hold education degrees in order to create lesson plans to adequately meet the physical, mental, and emotional needs of children. Teachers may also need to possess health and safety certifications in case of emergencies. Facility directors and administrators maintain responsibility for entire institutions. Managerial tasks such as hiring, firing, training, and scheduling prove just a few of the duties industry professionals handle.

Upper-level workers also oversee entire operations, ensuring buildings meet safety standards, approving curriculums, instituting new programs, and handling customer issues. Average Working Conditions: Child care jobs often prove strenuous, as workers stand on foot for long hours at a time, stoop to pick up and carry children, and exercise alertness throughout shifts.

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Overtime also proves common for full-time workers in the child care industry, as parents sometimes arrive late to pick up children because of work conflicts or other unforeseen events. Though child care jobs pose arduous duties, employers typically offer discounts on services as well as healthcare and future planning benefits for employees. Daycare Job Descriptions Teacher Assistant — Also known as a teacher aide, a teacher assistant typically remains an employee without a degree in early childhood education but assists teachers with daily lesson planning, implementation of such lesson plans, and interacting with both children and parents on a daily basis.

Teacher aides retain responsibility for properly supporting child development, utilizing curriculum correctly, and working in teams in order to provide the best care possible. Teacher assistants must also actively meet both state and federal guidelines in order to work with children, such as health and safety certifications and passing numerous background checks and drug screenings. Most states require assistants to show progress toward higher education, though achieving further degrees may not prove necessary in order to qualify for hire.

Driver — Drivers safely transport children in either vans or buses between locations necessary to complete daily routines, such as from the center to school locations, field trips, and on rare occasions, to homes. Drivers should hold a high school diploma or equivalent and typically must stand at least 21 years of age to meet hiring criteria.

Cook — The cook retains responsibility for preparing nutritional meals, regularly in concordance with state and federal food prep guidelines. Organize recreational activities or events. Sanitize toys and play equipment. Minimum 6 months- to 1 year or more experience working with preschool-aged… 2 days ago Childcare Teacher and Teaching Assistant The Nest Schools San Antonio, TX Fun team events throughout the year paid for by the company.

Additionally the position assists in implementing age appropriate activities and lesson plans for educational and… 5 days ago YMCA of South Hampton Roads Onley, VA Six or more months working with children- ages 6 weeks to 7 years old-in a nursery or child care setting. Provide a safe and loving environment for children aged months.