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Job for housekeeper

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With this skill, housekeepers can wash and iron many cloths, sheets and towels on a daily basis. The laundry duties you will perform include washing, ironing, and folding clothes. Housekeepers can make mistakes sometimes or encounter accidents while on duty. They may break a glass, crack a plate while washing; tear one part of a settee or even damage a clothing material that belongs to either a guest or the hotel where they work.

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They should admit their error, explain the situation and make sure it never happens again. If it happens again that means the housekeeper on duty is careless and wasteful. Attention to Detail. Housekeepers need the ability to pay attention even to the smallest details.

They should be able to assess a room and ensure everything is in its right place. Active Listening. This skill set will help your housekeeping career get to the top because of your ability to listen and respond well in a polite way. Most employers look for a housekeeper who can work flexibly, especially a live-in housekeeper. The housekeeper may have to cook, clean and watch over the children. A good housekeeper is always reliable, loyal and dedicated enough to work excellently for the employer.

It is important to work reliably with the experience you got from your previous job. When you are reliable, your employer will trust you, and you should work devotedly and with great zeal in order to keep your job going. During your housekeeping job section, you have a bath tub to scrub and clean, bed to make, meals to get ready, linen to launder, ironing and folding and lots more work to do. Your cleaning skills will help you to work productively within a short period of time, and you will be able to keep every part of the room clean and shinning to the admiration of guests and management.

Cleaning Tools. Housekeepers need the ability to use certain tools such as mops and vacuum cleaners in cleaning guest rooms. Housekeepers need to put in the time and energy necessary for a polished home cleaning.

Being hardworking means you have to work tirelessly to keep the environment where you work neat. The quantity of strength you show at work should be increased in order to make your employer happy. A careless housekeeper can easily break or lose valuable things while handling the usual daily chores. However, a housekeeper who is caring will handle things with utmost care as if those things were his or hers. Some would not try to economize while on duty because they probably believe their boss has enough money to replace anything they might destroy through their carelessness.

As a caring housekeeper, you should let your employer see your caring attitude by taking proper care of his house in a way that you would do to your own home. You should look for a way to get a professional trustworthy attitude, especially when you are working as a live-in housekeeper. All the same, even part-time hotel maids and cleaning staff have a key responsibility that requires a deep level of trust. Self Control. Decisions related to guest problems or needs must be made quickly and effectively based on a thorough knowledge of rates, accommodations, facilities, and Resort guidelines.

Must be responsible and able to react quickly and effectively. Is sufficiently flexible to adjust to a dynamic work environment in handling requests in a courteous, friendly, and efficient manner. Must have excellent communications and guest-service skills and be capable of handling effectively difficult guests and resolving guest complaints.

Good listening skills are needed to facilitate problem solving. Travel experience and understanding of foreign customs and cultures are great needs. The noise level in the work environment is usually quiet. Physical demands are those for an office environment with high levels of telephone usage and computer keyboarding. At times, stress can build from time limitations, customer demands, and heavy telephone usage.

Excellent customer service and communication skills are essential. Computer skills including ability to use computer-based reservations systems are critical. Entry Level.