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The population of San Diego, CA was estimated to be 1, in Minimum Wage The State of California enforces different minimum wages in some districts. The city of San Diego may be in a district with a different minimum wage than this. Additionally, the city served as a home for several military bases and naval air stations, which increased in size after World War II.

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Rowe has often noted on-screen and off-screen that without viewer contributions, the show would be lost; Rowe originally concocted a list of a dozen jobs that could be featured in the three episodes that served as the show's pilot, and within days after the first episode aired, viewers flooded Discovery Channel with e-mail and video featuring their own dirty jobs, a tradition that has kept the show going ever since.

The segment follows Rowe and Paternite as they gather and skin dead raccoons , which Paternite will eventually turn into art pieces. The segment is available to view on Paternite's website, [19] and on YouTube , under the name "Too Gross for Discovery". Even aired segments can be heavily edited, such as the " skull cleaner " segment, the final aired version of which Rowe has likened to " The Sound of Music with the songs edited out" because parts of it were deemed too graphic for television.

The episode, entitled "Mike's Day Off", was never aired in the United States for that season; it was only available as a DVD-exclusive episode bundled with the episode "Skull Cleaner" and a downloadable episode in iTunes. Various episodes air in certain countries with different scenes. At some point in every episode, a screen with the Dirty Jobs logo pops up before a commercial then a part of the song "Get On Out In Here" by Matt Koskenmaki [23] plays.

In the first half of , "We Care A Lot" was replaced with "Pop Rock Theme" by Matt Koskenmaki [23] who also did the other music cues for the show , due to rights issues; older episodes aired at the time had their introductions reedited. Rowe has said "Bottom line, the rights to 'We Care a Lot' were either not renewed on time, or not properly acquired in the first place".

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Season 2 commercials for the show feature the song " Dirty White Boy " by Foreigner. Season 3 commercials feature Rowe sharing the stage with a pig positioned on a rounded white pedestal , with nondescript formal-sounding light instrumental music in the background.

Rowe often sings on-camera during the segments as part of a sardonic hat-tip to his days as an opera singer. When Rowe reads the last piece of viewer mail in the viewer's choice episode , he was asked if he could sing the Dirty Jobs Theme Song because his online bio says that he used to be an opera singer. They are often required to do graveyard shifts to get the milk that must go out for early morning distributions. Their main duties involve milking cows and shoveling cow manure, making this one of the dirtiest jobs around.

Sewage Cleanup Though most sewerage is cleaned using pumps, the process can be a putrid experience when raw sewage backs up through floor drains. Janitorial staff tasked with drain and floor cleanup must be willing to work on call and under difficult conditions.

Oil Rig Worker Nasty jobs that pay well can be found on an oil rig. A dangerous and difficult job done in a remote location is not everyone's cup of tea. Oil rig personnel work around extremely combustible materials. Each day, they walk on high platforms covered with water and oil slicks. Coal Miner Coal excavations are messy and black and highly hazardous to the lungs.

Considered among the most dangerous jobs in the world, coal mining requires working in claustrophobic dark spaces. Stamina to work in harsh conditions and the ability to work long hours are essential for this job. Mortunary Embalmer Working in a mortuary with cadavers can be quite draining for an embalmer.

Often the job requires dealing with harmful cleaning chemicals and possible infections that are carried by the dead body. Embalmers come in contact with body fluids, blood and possibly infectious diseases.

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Souls need to learn and develop. Unfortunately, one person's life is not always enough time in which to learn those important lessons. So when the body dies, the soul moves on. But not necessarily into another person. Sometimes it might go into an object - a CD, a pair of sneakers, an umbrella - to await their next body. Charlie Asher's job - his and the other Merchants of Death - is to make sure those souls are kept safe until their next owners come by to collect them.

Of course, it's never quite that easy. While being a Merchant of Death certainly helps Charlie in the years following his wife's death, there are Dark Forces out there who want those souls. With human souls, the Dark Forces will become stronger, strong enough to decide who will be the Luminatus - the new, true Death.

This book packs a lot into nearly pages. There's the humor, of course, the absurdist fantasy humor that Christopher Moore does so very well. But there's also the philosophy of souls that I hadn't come across before, and - most central to the book - a good hard look at death. This book is dedicated in part to hospice workers, the people who volunteer to help people out of this life and into the next, the people who have the strength to deal with one of the most frightening aspects of human existence.

While Moore's presentation of death and dying certainly isn't pretty, or necessarily reassuring, it isn't scary. It's purposeful and important and, more importantly, bigger than the person who is doing the dying. From time to time, we all need to look at this inevitability and resolve to meet it with the same dignity and reverence that we would meet any other great moment in our lives. At the moment when his wife Rachel unexpectedly dies in the hospital shortly after the birth of their first child Sophie , Charlie is chosen to be a "death merchant," retrieving souls of the dying and protecting them from the forces of the underworld, while he manages his store and raises his daughter.

He only gradually realizes the ramifications of this business as clues and complications unfold, and the forces of darkness threaten to rise. An unabridged commercial compact disc recording of A Dirty Job has been issued with narration by Fisher Stevens. As of August the motion picture rights have been optioned by Chris Columbus and his company, Productions. Charlie became a death merchant upon witnessing Minty Fresh take his wife's soul object as she died.

Over the course of the story, Charlie raises his daughter Sophie while dealing with the ramifications of his soul collecting job. Minty Fresh: Minty is a nearly seven foot tall African American with a penchant for wearing mint green suits. He is, like Charlie, a death merchant. He runs a second-hand record store in the Castro district of San Francisco. Jane Asher: Charlie's sister.

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Mike Rowe Cleans Out the Grime Inside a Water Tower! - Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe, a prominent American host, is not afraid to get dirty as he assists workers to perform some of the messiest jobs. Dirty Jobs is an American television series that originally aired on the Discovery Channel in which host Mike Rowe is shown performing difficult, strange. Dirty Jobs: With Mike Rowe, David M. Barsky, Doug Glover, Troy Paff. Follows the exploits of Mike Rowe as he performs various dirty and dangerous jobs.