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Dental assistant employment opportunities are numerous and offer a choice of dentistry work settings. General dentistry practice: This type of dental practice represents the majority of dental practices in both the public and private sectors offering a full range of dental services to restore, replace and straighten teeth as well as provide preventive services to save and protect teeth.

The general dental practice can be either a solo one dentist or group two or more dentists practice. Specialty dentistry practice: This type of dental practice concentrates its services to a specialised area of oral health care, which can be periodontics, paediatric dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics and oral surgery.

The specialist practices require a team approach to achieve quality outcomes, which demands an intense focus by the dental assistant on precision of specific duties. Community or school-based public dental health clinic: Community dental clinics provide routine and emergency dental services for eligible adults who hold a Pension card, Health Care card or Seniors card.

Patients are on waiting lists to be seen. The school dental clinics aim to ensure that children have the opportunity to reach adulthood with good oral health and to develop the skills to maintain it. The dental assistant performs a variety of clinical duties and works as part of the dental team to educate and motivate the community in the principles of preventive dentistry and responsibility for their own oral health.

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It is available in military dental clinics on ships and at bases. Dental assistants perform clinical duties with dentists and dental hygienists and may also help in managing the military clinic. Hospital dental clinic: Dental care is offered through hospital dental clinics for members of the community with special needs. Hospital dental clinics also represent the clinical training facility for students in most of the dental areas.

The dental assistant role requires a high level of caring and sensitivity to the needs of others and they will work through their dental career with experienced and training dentists, specialist dentists, dental hygienists, dental therapists, dental technicians and dental prosthetists. The dental assistant has exceptional career opportunities on their own or in combination with chairside assisting to work as practice managers, dental treatment coordinators, research assistants, educators, consumer advocates, dental sales representatives and consultants in an array of flexible work schedules.

Practice managers: Dental assistants can apply their experience and knowledge of planning, communications and customer care in a supervisory role to manage the practical day-to-day business of the dental practice. The responsibilities of managing the business aspect of health care also involve accounting and staff management skills. Dental treatment coordinators: Dental assistants in this position have excellent organisational skills, advanced communication skills and a high level of confidence and enthusiasm with solid clinical knowledge.

This role involves working one-on-one with patients to ensure their questions are answered about dental treatment options, the fees involved and the scheduling of appointments. Some dental practices offer this personalised service to their patients, as it may translate to efficient time management of the whole team. Research assistants: Dental research is about exploring and gaining new knowledge and information on all sciences relevant to dentistry and to the oral cavity and associated structures in health and disease.

The dental assistant can be employed on a contract by a university or research facility to assist with the collection of dental records and delivery of dental care in clinical trials. Educators: Dental assistants can apply the skills and knowledge from their work experience in assisting with teaching dental, dental assistant, dental hygienist and dental therapist students in their respective training programs.

This dental career avenue can lead toward advanced qualifications and degrees. Consumer advocates: Dental assistants may come to concentrate their dentistry work on specific oral health issues that relate to population-based oral health concerns. They stay well informed of the current research and activities to take on an active role of informing, educating and advising the public through health promotion.

Dental sales representatives: Dental assistants can apply their valuable working knowledge of dental products as a dental sales representative for a product or service company in the dental industry. They can also be employed by dental companies to create and deliver education material to healthcare professionals and the public as an Educational Consultant.

How to become a dental assistant How do you become a dental assistant in New South Wales? Dental assisting offers excellent career opportunities for the high school student, high school graduate, those seeking a career change and those re-entering the workforce. To become a qualified dental assistant and achieve a dental career, you need to gain a Certificate III in Dental Assisting.

Mature age persons welcome Traineeship opportunities and School Based Traineeships available to eligible students Classroom courses or distance learning Minimum qualification of a year 10 school certificate Required to be employed in a dental practice or have access to a practice by the end of first term International Students Minimum qualification of a school certificate level English or 5.

Listed as desirable is a Year 10 pass in Science Must be either an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia Many dental practices provide on-the-job training programmes to get you started. The Certificate III qualification is also open to practicing dental assistants or students who can gain supervised workplace dental assisting experience. You may be given recognition of prior learning or work experience to gain exemptions from repeating what you already know. You will help with preparing patients, sterilizing instruments, setting up rooms, and some dental hygiene tasks.

To do well in this role you should have a dental x-ray certification and provide a great level of patient care. Dental Assistant Responsibilities: Preparing patients for dental work. Helping with infection control by sterilizing and disinfecting instruments, setting up instrument trays, preparing materials, and assisting with dental procedures. Assisting dentists in managing medical and dental emergencies when necessary. Assisting dental hygienists with procedures when necessary.

Providing great patient care. Recording treatment information in patient records. Exposing dental x-rays from dental diagnostics and caring for dental x-ray equipment. Giving patients information on dental hygiene, oral health care, and plaque control programs. Collecting and recording medical and dental histories and patient vital signs. Providing postoperative instructions as directed by the dentist. Caring for dental equipment. Forming preliminary impressions for study casts and occlusal registrations for mounting study casts.

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A number of schools also offer hybrid degree structures, allowing students to complete clinical components in a campus-based setting to gain hands-on experience. Other schools work with students to identify appropriate local organizations where students can undertake any clinical requirements.

While online programs in dental assisting are appealing for a variety of reasons, you should do your research to ensure potential schools meet certain standards of academic excellence. Some of the most important qualities include: Proper Accreditation Schools seeking accreditation for their dental assistant programs need to receive approval from the Commission on Dental Accreditation, a branch of the American Dental Association ADA.

Currently, programs are accredited throughout the nation. You can find a full list on the ADA website. Students looking to attain certification by the Dental Assisting National Board should review this list carefully, as those attending unaccredited schools cannot take the exam until they have completed two years of work as a dental assistant.

Licensure and Certification Preparation While requirements for licensure and certification vary by state, you can gain national certification successfully passing the Dental Assisting National Board's Certified Dental Assistant examination. While this level of endorsement is not necessary in all states, graduates can use it both to stand out amongst the competition and to assure patients of their abilities.

In addition to this national qualification, some states offer further licensure programs. Accelerated Programs The majority of certificate and diploma programs last nine to 12 months, while associate degrees typically take two years. Outside of these timeframes, a number of institutions offer accelerated programs lasting four to eight months. Students should fully research these to ensure they will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their field.

In many cases, these programs are designed for dental assistants already working in a similar capacity who have undergone on-the-job training but wish to complete further academic coursework. Faculty with Relevant and Extensive Dental Assisting Experience No matter how passionate students are about a career in dental assisting, their education may suffer if they don't have excellent faculty members leading their program.

Many departments share teacher biographies, allowing prospective students to get a sense of their backgrounds. In addition to making sure faculty hold proper credentials, students should verify that the instructors leading their classes have extensive experience in the world of dental assisting, with the best case being that they worked chairside for a number of years before transitioning into academia.

Those looking to enroll in a program should specifically ensure that faculty members did not move directly into teaching after completing a dental assistant program, as their ability to share real-world experiences may be limited. Dental Assistant Credentials Dental assistants have access to a variety of credentials. Some of the most popular professional certificates cover: Digital imaging techniques Diet and nutrition for oral health Advanced radiography Dental care for infants Dental assistants who have obtained certification through DANB are required to complete continuing dental education credits every year to maintain their certification.

To become a dental assistant, you need to complete a dental assisting certificate or diploma program at a community college or technical school. How much does a dental assistant make? How long does it take to become a dental assistant? Steps to becoming a Dental Assistant In the U. In general, though, individuals aspiring to enter the field earn at least a high school diploma and many undergo some formal post-secondary training, even if not mandated by the jurisdiction in which they wish to work.

One way to start answering this question is to consider which personality traits and skills are typical among dental assistants: Teamwork and communication skills Camaraderie and collaboration are essential in a dental office so that staff can focus on providing excellent customer service.

Dental assistants must be team players and effective communicators, working closely with dentists and dental hygienists, who provide direct supervision. Empathy and interpersonal skills Dental assistants spend a great deal of time interacting with patients.

They must be comfortable working with people of all backgrounds, including many who are anxious or in pain. A pleasant, calming personality goes a long way in establishing rapport with patients. Detail-oriented A patient's safety depends on the ability of dental assistants to closely follow very specific rules and protocols. Technology skills Dental assistants need to be comfortable using evolving technology, as well as tools, sterilizing equipment, and a variety of chemicals.

Organization and administrative skills Assistants need to have all tools and materials laid out for the dentist or hygienist when a procedure begins. This may involve sterilizing tools and preparing certain materials beforehand. As patients move through the cycle of service, dental assistants must pay close attention as they collect and record important medical histories and data.

For further insight into the profession, take a look at the top five reasons that dental assisting school alumni decided to pursue it: It is an in-demand career The need for dental assistants is expected to continue to grow, largely for two reasons. The first is that research has revealed a closer link between oral health and general health than was previously believed to exist.

Studies have shown that the mouth and body are closely integrated; that many oral health issues share common risk factors with other chronic diseases and conditions. As the public becomes more aware of this, the demand for preventative dental care will increase.

Secondly, there is a greater overall need for dental care, based both on general population growth and the fact that elderly people are now more likely to retain their teeth than in years past. In addition, opportunities for dental assistants exist not only with general practitioner dentists, but with specialists including endodontists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists.

Furthermore, all of these professionals often employ more than one single assistant. Income potential Considering the relatively minimal amount of education required to become a dental assistant, this career pays rather well. Opportunity for growth After some time in their role, dental assistants understand what it takes to run a dental practice, from administration to patient care and more.

Sometimes, dental assistants transition into other healthcare positions. With experience and further education and training, some go on to become dental hygienists , dental office managers, or insurance claims processing and coding professionals.

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Dental Assistant jobs available on Apply to Dental Assistant, Orthodontic Assistant and more! Search Dental Assistant jobs now available on, the world's largest job site. A dental assistant helps with a variety of health care tasks, from taking dental x-rays and caring for patients, to helping file records and appointment.