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Job as a voice over

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Reading an audiobook, for example, necessitates excellent diction and a steady reading voice, while voicing a video game might call for shouts, gasps, and grunts—non-speaking cues delivered under the direction of a dialogue editor. Commercial is the broadest category of voiceover work, as a good commercial performance might be naturalistic, exaggeratedly theatrical, or even cartoonish depending on the material and direction.

Some voiceover artists have very particular specialties, such as mimics, who excel at imitating famous actors and characters and are often hired to record ADR for those who are unavailable—a difficult task which requires matching the delivery to the actor's on-screen mouth movements. At times, as when using motion capture technology, the line between voiceover artist and actor can grow blurry. At a Glance Career Path Voiceover artists come from a range of educational and career backgrounds.

Many are experienced actors , singers , radio DJs , podcasters, and other professionals who work with their voices. Others lack significant performance experience but are drawn to the field by the promise of flexible, portable freelance work. At the beginning of the career, voiceover artists are unlikely to find enough work to support themselves solely through voiceover; fortunately, it's easy to combine this career with any number of side gigs.

In fact, the voiceover industry is made up of a mix of semi-professionals, who pick up occasional jobs as a source of supplementary income, and successful top professionals, who are in high demand and make all of their living from voice work. Unlike more physically demanding performance careers, there's no age limit on this work, so voiceover artists can continue to be successful well into retirement years. Finding Work Voiceover artists are freelancers and might work on a wide range of projects, including audiobooks, commercials, documentaries, educational videos, corporate promotional materials, apps, toys, announcements, and phone prompts, as well as fictional media like animated films, dubbed series, video games, and radio dramas.

When it comes to finding work, most use online marketplaces such as Voices. Getting a gig might require the voiceover artist to record an audition specifically for the part as well as to submit their general purpose showreel also called a voice reel or demo. A good showreel is recorded in a professional studio, cleaned and mixed by a professional engineer , and includes a wide range of content commercial, documentary, dramatic, etc while still being tailored to the actor's target market.

That world felt a little more accessible to me, somehow. What to consider as you pivot to Hollywood Actors who have chosen to pursue Hollywood later in life as a second career share their experiences and advice. Rudin offered a similar assessment. Typically, she said, each voice actor in a cast works individually, like a soloist before a conductor with no other members of the orchestra on stage.

Perkins, for example, says she did summer stock theater and a few national touring productions before moving to Los Angeles and taking up voice work. Still, he said his own experience as an actor has been a plus. For voice actors, a common entry point is freelance gigs they find online through websites such as Voices.

Having a background in music and dance helps. Copeland said he took a six-week course at a Burbank studio in voice acting for commercials that broke down how to understand a script, how to recognize what a client is looking for and other fundamental skills. A few days later, he said, he was hired for his first gig: recording an announcement for Disney Hall about what to do in case of an emergency. A good first step, though, would be to check out the numerous Facebook groups that support voice actors.

Those are fertile ground for making connections too. Ultimately, you want to take classes from people whose work you know, Perkins said.

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