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Jobs at cruise ship

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Applications for a job as a shoppie which are sent to a cruise company will usually be forwarded to their concessionaire that's not to say you shouldn't send to them anyway, as it gives you another chance to get your name in front of everybody. If you're chosen there will probably be a short course to attend. Salaries are target and commission based, which means that there's a lot of volatility in earnings. House keeping Responsibilities include cleaning rooms, public areas, doing laundry and moving baggage.

To get this job first get experience in the hospitality industry and ensure your communication skills are up to scratch. Spa Work Jobs vary from masseuses to personal trainers, nail technicians, barbers, receptionists and hairdressers. Passengers can enjoy facial therapies, acupuncture, massages or fitness training. Whilst not attending to passengers, expect to spend time marketing your product and taking inventories.

Click here to find their application form. Find out when there are interview dates in South Africa. The regional managers are Nadine Brits email nadineb theonboardspa. The spa is usually found near the top floor of a cruise ship. The amount you'd earn is based largely on tips and commission. Think safety, navigation of the ship and maintenance of equipment. This includes propulsion systems, air conditioning, power systems and entertainment support systems.

For example watchkeeping officers ensure that the boat is safely navigated and no Costa Concordia incidents! Human Resources Yes, you even get HR staff on board the ship. They'll implement the shipping line's HR policies with the onboard staff. A bachelors degree in HR will help you get this spot, as well as any relevant experience. Information Technology Think maintenance of servers, networks and computer systems including desktop. A minimum of 2 years relevant experience would be required, together with the appropriate academic qualifications.

To get this gig you should have at least a year's experience in photography and the relevant computer skills. Life on board There's no space to spare on a cruise ship. Your new home will be a small cabin at the bottom of the ship with no windows, and shared with up to 3 people who might snore at night. The cabin will typically have a shower, a TV and a storage cupboard.

You'll be required to keep that cabin spick and span. The people in the cabin may not be the type of people you'd normally hang out with. There are 3 main categories of staff: "crew", "staff" and "officers". Only the officers and staff may be in guest areas when they're not on on the job, and socialise with guests. However, you will be fired if you date guests, but you may date members of the crew who are often younger, better looking and more vivacious , although an unwritten rule is that you may not date officers with a higher ranking.

Expect to work very hard! Crew members work 7 days a week, and about 11 hours per day usually a maximum of 14 hours - this is not a holiday. Ships purposely fly flags of convenience, and there are few workers' rights. You are not cruising - even the term "cruising" is used to describe somebody who is slacking on the job. Having said that, if the job has been done properly, then your manager may give you some time off. You'll be required to attend every safety drill.

On the upside: Meals are free, as is the accommodation. Meals are eaten in the staff dining area better known as the "crew mess" , and are buffet style. Ships tend to follow the sunny weather, perfect for those who want to permanently be out of the cold and rain. Being away from it all for so long and surrounded by people from all walks of life and all over the world, gives one a chance to reflect and put life into perspective.

If you ever have some free time you can hang out at the crew bar much more reasonably priced than for passengers There will probably be wireless internet at a fee to stay in touch. There are regular crew events such as poker nights and karaoke. Crew parties, with free booze if you're lucky.

If you get free time, then sometimes the shore excursions are offered free to staff. Cruise ship staff are male dominated client-facing roles have more females , with about half the staff being younger than It can take up to 3 weeks to get used to life onboard.

If, after 3 weeks, you're not enjoying it yet, then this probably is not the life for you. Health - free medical insurance. More Jobs of all Types Cruise ships resembling giant floating hotels employ thousands of staff and crew members performing duties in positions identical or very similar to jobs at five star hotels or resorts on land and together with all the vessels currently under construction the number of cruise ship jobs worldwide is expected to double by the year resulting in thousands of new openings.

Compared to other industries, cruise lines have much higher employee turnover rate. Many people do not consider cruise line jobs as life-long careers. Officers, crew and staff members get promoted, change ships or cruise lines, go on vacation, return to school or just settle down on land leaving vacancies on regular basis. Use your Work Experience There has never been a better time to apply for a job on cruise ships.

It is quite likely that the jobs you have worked in the past will give you enough experience to qualify for various cruise line job openings. Nationality is no problem as cruise lines hire candidates from almost every country in the world offering a wide range of jobs entry-level to highly qualified positions.

Regardless of your nationality or previous work experience there are cruise ship jobs for you on board the many luxury vessels cruising the oceans. The Whole Package Cruise line jobs are great travel jobs. Once on board a cruise ship you will be visiting and working in many foreign countries and places. No other job offers travel to such a variety of places, countries, climates and continents as cruise ship jobs offer. While working aboard a cruise vessel you enjoy a winning combination - having a profitable and exciting job and career at sea, travelling all over the world, always following the sun and the good weather, making friends with other crew members, passengers and local people and at the same time saving substantial sums of money since you do not have to pay for accommodation and meals.

Cruise jobs are in fact so addictive, that many crew members find it quite difficult to live on land after completing a contract on board a cruise ship. It feels kind of strange to eat in a restaurant and to pay the bill after enjoying free meals for months while working on board a cruise vessel. Find out how to get that Cruise Ship Job Now! Shipboard Positions Structure A cruise vessel is a hybrid between a ship and a five star hotel, therefore in general the cruise ship personnel is divided into two main categories: - Marine Operations Division - These are the officers and crew who are directly responsible for sailing and operating the cruise ship deck and engine officers, seamen, motormen etc.

Within these two main categories the various cruise ship job positions are organized by shipboard departments. For detailed descriptions and salary ranges for all shipboard positions, please Click Here or click on the shipboard department of interest on the pull-down menu at the top of the page.

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