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Job on the side

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Some drivers offer hospitality in the form of mints, candy, tissues, and bottled water to earn more tips and maintain a high rating. Food delivery Similar to ridesharing, another option is to deliver food and groceries. During the pandemic, global food delivery tripled since , indicating the market is going strong [ 6 ]. Babysitter or petsitter If you enjoy taking care of children or pets, you might be keen to take on the role of babysitter or petsitter on the weekends and in the evenings.

As parents are starting to go back to work, their children and furry loved ones need care. Look at sites like Care. Home maintenance For those with a green thumb or an affinity for neatness, consider a side job in lawn care or cleaning houses. These types of jobs might have you mowing lawns, pruning trees, gardening, wiping down surfaces, and doing laundry.

Other sites include Green Pal and Lawn Love. You can earn your income by teaching from home and creating your own hours. Passive income as a side job Other ways to make money on the side might look less like jobs and more like passive income. Part-time side jobs Before the rise of the gig economy, part-time work was a popular side job.

This type of work tends to be assigned in shifts, rather than by task, which can feel more stable and steady than gig work. Most of these require you to interact with people and be on your feet, so it can be a welcome break from working at a desk job or studying.

Server or bartender Working as a waiter or bartender can be a well-paid job, especially if you factor in earning tips. You might enjoy mixing or serving drinks and chatting with customers. Both require standing or walking for long hours, which can be appealing if you stare at the computer or textbook during the week. Soccer referee If you are a sports fan, especially of soccer, you might be interested in becoming a part-time soccer referee for youth games.

Through the US Soccer Federation, you can be certified for this in-demand side job by paying a class fee based on your state referee association to take lessons online, attending a six-hour class, and passing the referee exam. For this, you will need to complete a state-approved education program and pass a competency exam, in addition to on-the-job training. Yoga or fitness instructor Teaching yoga or other fitness classes can be an enjoyable side gig, especially if you have been a practitioner for a long time.

Becoming a yoga teacher requires a hour training certification that teaches you the fundamentals of yoga poses, anatomy, and more. DJ If you are musically inclined and prefer to enhance the mood of a crowd, you may want to try your hand at becoming a disk jockey DJ. As a DJ, you can play at weddings and sponsored events or have a residency in clubs and festivals—and have more power to choose whether to mix hip hop, electronic, or other genres.

Remote freelance side jobs Just like gig economy jobs, taking on freelance work can mean creating your own hours around your work or school schedule. For freelance jobs, you may complete work on an ongoing ad hoc basis, or on a contract that has a final deadline. You can often do these types of jobs remotely, too. App developer Ever dreamed of developing an app that sold for millions? Then perhaps starting out as a freelance app developer is in your future. Some companies may negotiate a full project rate to be paid upon completion.

No prior experience required. Instead, define the smallest next steps you can take on any task or project to move yourself toward your end goal, such as registering a domain name or writing an about page. Similarly, you might have mundane tasks scheduled, but an energy surge compels you to work on bigger-ticket items. Understand you will make mistakes as you progress on your side project.

The fix? Find ways to work on your side project and your health at the same time. Trim your extracurriculars Everything you say yes to is a no to something else, and resisting the urge to say yes to everything is a huge aspect of getting your side project off the ground. If not, say no and mosey on with your day. Create milestones and celebrate them as your side hustle grows. Getty Images Measure your progress Many people with side projects forget to set goals and milestones. These checkpoints give you the opportunity to stop, breathe, and celebrate your achievements.

This is also the time to decide if you need to make adjustments to your full-time job in order to make more room for your side project and define what those adjustments might look like. Besides heavy fatigue, symptoms can include an inability to focus, sluggishness, mood swings, anxiety spirals, fierce sugar cravings, insomnia, and an uptick in illnesses.

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