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If you share our vision of a strong community where everybody thrives, we invite you to apply to the Denver Public Library. A few tips on the application process: To apply, you will need an account with the City and County of Denver Careers work portal. In order to be considered for a position, an online application must be completed and submitted. Please read the job announcement carefully as additional materials may be requested.

We are not able to accept application materials outside of the online application system. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity in the workforce. Our connection to the larger metropolitan area is August 25, Manage the digital resources supplied by the library, liaising with vendors, internal technology support, and colleagues. Support library research, instruction, and collection development services to ICC students, faculty, staff, and community August 22, The University of Chicago Library is seeking two experienced archivists for three-year term appointments, with the possibility of renewal, to process selected large and complex archival and manuscript collections, especially collections of

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In fact, while some librarians have to work exotic hours, most of them only work 40 hours and some librarians work even less. You will come home early quite often Librarians also come home early quite often since most libraries close pretty early in the afternoon, even though this is not true for all libraries and there are always exceptions to this rule. Consequently, you will also be able to spend plenty of quality time with your family and with your friends during the week.

You will also be able to meet up with your favorite people after work and enjoy a nice drink every day if you want to. Instead of working all of your weekends, you can just enjoy your weekends in your garden and relax a little bit. Alternatively, you will also be free to make some nice weekend trips with your family or your friends. Hence, while many other people like waiters or train drivers often have to work during those times, you will be able to spend more quality time with the people and on the things you like most.

Librarians have a pretty good work-life balance Librarians also report a pretty good work-life balance in general. Sure, you will have to carry books from A to B quite often and this can be exhausting, especially in your first weeks when you are not used to it yet. However, this will just not be the same physical burden that construction workers and many other craftsmen experience every workday and you will therefore also be able to avoid the long-term health issues that may come along with those other jobs sooner or later.

You can expand your knowledge in many different fields You will also get the chance to expand your knowledge in many different fields. In fact, librarians often have to read many different books so that they are able to help out their clients in a proper manner.

Over time, you can build really broad knowledge and this can be quite interesting. You may even be able to participate in a game show and win really serious money if you are willing to work hard and expand your knowledge on a continuous basis. Decent job security right now Once you start working as a librarian, you will also enjoy pretty decent job security. You will have lots of energy to do things apart from work Since you will not have to work in a hard physical manner and also your workday will be pretty relaxed, you will also have lots of energy left that you can spend on the things you like even more than work after you finish your workday.

Now that you know all the upsides to a career as a librarian, we also have to talk about all the issues that come along with it so that you get a more comprehensive picture of what working as a librarian really looks like. This means that you will often have to spend many years in college while many of your friends who aspire to careers as roofers or in other fields may be able to start making money at a much younger age. Apart from the time commitment, you will also have to spend lots of money on tuition and other costs related to your college education.

Hence, make sure that you are willing to make this big commitment for your career and that working as a librarian is really what you want to do for quite a long time to justify the upfront investment you will have to make. Instead, you will often have to take on student loans to finance your studies. If you live in really expensive regions, you may even struggle to pay your rent and other basic expenses. Thus, if money and luxury are really important to you, you may rather want to go for a career in the medical or financial field instead of becoming a librarian.

You may get bored with your job in the long run Many librarians also get bored with what they are doing in the long run. Yes, in the short run, it can be really interesting to work in a library. Yet, if you are not really passionate about this job, chances are that you will lose interest in it pretty soon and may not know what you should do for a living in the future. Rather low social status of librarians Another disadvantage of working as a librarian is that you will also have a pretty low social status.

While doctors and lawyers are often admired in society, you will just not have the same social reputation and many people will not consider your job extremely important. Moreover, you may also have problems finding a partner and will have it significantly harder in the dating market compared to other people who make more money and have a higher social standing. People may make fun of you While most of your clients will be nice, some people may also even make fun of you and may try to bring you down.

Many librarians may become obsolete in the future It is also rather unclear how many librarians will be needed in the future. Due to artificial intelligence and machine learning, many jobs in the library may become obsolete in the near future and this means that you can no longer be sure to keep your job as a librarian for a lifetime.

You will also have to be flexible as a librarian since also your role in this business will change as well when technology progresses even further. While doctors can save the lives of many people during their careers, you will be the one who just hands out books. Consequently, you may also become pretty unsatisfied with what you are doing in the long run and you may even feel like wasting your time as a librarian while many other people do much more important things.

Teleworking will not be possible for most of the time Another downside to a career as a librarian is that you will also not be able to work remotely. Most of the time, you will just have to be present at work in person and this will take away lots of freedom from you.

While many other people who work in classical office jobs will be able to do some private work between two virtual meetings, you will not be able to use your time as efficiently and will not be able to do any private work during your workday. In turn, you will have to do your laundry and many other things after work while other people enjoy their leisure.

You will also have to spend more time and money on commuting and will also get stuck in traffic jams on a regular basis, at least if you live in big metropolitan areas. Limited promotion opportunities for librarians As a librarian, you will also not have good promotion opportunities. Instead, you will work in the same position for quite a long time and also your salary will not increase as much.

In fact, there is not a real physical product that they create. Instead, you will have to provide services for your clients and will not see the same end result as people who work in construction or other sectors that rely on hands-on work. Primarily, you can get a librarian job with a high school diploma or its equivalent. But for career advancement, you need at least a bachelor's degree in library science.

You need a minimum of three years of experience in a similar role. Also, you must possess computer, organization, communication, and interpersonal skills. What Does a Librarian Do Librarians help people find information and conduct research for personal and professional use. Their job duties may change based on the type of library they work in, such as public, school, and medical libraries. Some positions have additional requirements, such as a teaching certificate or a degree in another field.

MLS programs usually take 1 to 2 years to complete. Coursework typically covers selecting library materials, organizing information, research methods and strategies, online reference systems, and Internet search methods. A degree from an American Library Association accredited program may lead to better job opportunities. Some colleges and universities have other names for their library science programs, such as Master of Information Studies or Master of Library and Information Studies.

For example, a law librarian may be required to have a law degree or a librarian in an academic library may need a Ph. A list of requirements by state and contact information for state regulating boards is available from Libraries Unlimited. Some states also require certification for librarians in public libraries. Requirements vary by state. Important Qualities Communication skills. Librarians need to be able to explain ideas and information in ways that patrons and users understand.

New information, technology, and resources constantly change the details of what librarians do.

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