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Jobs in flextronics

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Understand input drivers and validate integrity of the analysis to influence strategic decision-making and planning. Use data to identify disruptive ideas and provide advice to business leaders across the globe. Identify, resolve, or provide guidance to manage complex data sets and analyses. You will bring in insights to address financial risk and support frugality. Use active listening skills intuitively to communicate data both written and verbal in a clear, concise, and unambiguous manner.

Adjust style for various audiences to articulate complex finance issues clearly. Your communications drive critical business decisions. Collects and analyzes quantitative data to develop relevant reports that drive cost reductions. Participates in hiring, developing, and mentoring peers and team members.

Seeks and leverages diverse perspectives in all activities. Contributes to work life harmony by being a positive, collaborative, and effective influencer to new team members as an indicator of operations excellence. Amazon is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or other legally protected status. Currently, once every 8 weeks.

Established 12 years ago, we now have over customers throughout the world and a growing team. Flex offers a flexible, dynamic work environment, paid company holidays, paid vacation, and health, dental, and vision insurance, along with other benefits. You have a strong understanding of inventory, quoting, warehousing, and accounting best practices, knowledge of workflow configurations in Flex, and experience as a Flex administrator.

The Training Specialist will be responsible for educating our customers for continued success. You will be required to maintain high-level customer engagement with a focus on learning. Therefore, the ideal candidate will show tact and professionalism under pressure and will also be a highly-skilled communicator. You are self-motivated and have initiative. You will be responsible for helping our customers utilize the training they purchase.

Assist new trial customers in setting up and configuring their new system correctly. Coach long-term customers to be Flex product experts. Help customers troubleshoot issues they encounter while using the software and provide actionable tips to resolve the problem.

Assist customers in getting the most out of Flex by actively communicating with them and offering additional training, educational resources, and customer support calls. Offer follow up screen share or phone calls when further clarification is needed. Therefore you must be willing to travel both domestically and internationally. You may also be required to perform web-based sales demos to qualified prospects. Manage any incoming feedback about Onsite Training or Onboarding Support and make needed improvements.

The role will report to the Sr Product Owner and complete tasks as they are delegated. This includes long-term delegations over specific areas of the product, and short-term delegations as needs arise. The Jr. PO is focused on the tactical execution of strategy, collaborating with relevant departments in ensuring that product strategy as determined by the company leadership is realized.

You will work as part of an established, yet growing development team that builds and manages our Flex Rental SaaS product. Individual contributions have a great deal of impact for our customers and for the rest of the team. This role will own our existing integrations as well as helping with incremental new development. You also need to be comfortable with the complex dynamic of integrations with third party software.

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Flex is a place where each person can apply their best qualities in the right positions. The intense collaboration and diverse business opportunities make it a perfect place for me to learn, grow and take on new challenges.

My peers are outstanding engineers who respect and support each other. I am surrounded by experts and friends at the same time. Together, we create value for our customers while encouraging each other to grow professionally. The Flex team is very supportive of new joiners and provides the necessary tools to grow and become your best self.

I enjoy interacting with different personalities and people from different cultures and ages. Flextronics International principally deals with its customers through its own direct sales force, spread across Asia, the Americas and Europe. Customer Relationships While Flextronics International has an online presence, it does not provide any products or services and a self-service basis. This approach, which encourages interaction with the customer, has enabled Flextronics International to establish long-term relationships with many of its customers, that provide the Company with opportunities to incorporate offer additional product lines and services to its major clients.

Flextronics International provides a range of after-sale and technical support services to its clients, adding to its personalised service. Flextronics International operates a news and media section on its website, where the Company publishes press releases and news articles for public consumption. It is also able to interact directly with clients through its social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Key Activities Flextronics International provides a suite of end-to-end design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain services and solutions.

The Company primarily designs, builds, ships and services packaged consumer electronics and industrial products for original equipment manufacturers across the electronics, technology, software and automotive sectors. It operates through four business segments: High Reliability Solutions, comprising its medical business, automotive business, and defense and aerospace businesses; Consumer Technologies Group, comprising its mobile devices business, consumer electronics business and high-volume computing business; Industrial and Emerging Industries, comprising its semiconductor and capital equipment, office solutions, household industrial and lifestyle, industrial automation, energy, and lighting solutions; and Communications and Enterprise Compute, comprising its production of radio access base stations, remote radio heads, and small cells for wireless infrastructure.

Key Partners Flextronics International collaborates with a variety of partners operating in a range of industries. These partners primarily comprise: Supplier Partners, comprising service providers, resource suppliers, and consumables suppliers that assist the Company in its manufacturing process, and share tools and resources with the Company; Distribution and Logistics Partners, which assist the Company in the storage and delivery of its products; and Alliance Partners, primarily comprising technology companies that collaborate with the Company on joint-venture projects and share resources and technologies.

Flextronics International has recently launched partnerships with Green Charge Networks to deploy effective energy storage solutions, with SunEdison on the production of solar modules, with Nuheara to produce a range of earbuds, and with Ichor Medical Systems to provide supply chain solutions.

Flextronics International owns and licenses a number of US and foreign patents in the provision of its services. Cost Structure Flextronics International incurs costs in relation to the research and development of its technologies and solutions, the operation of its design and manufacturing facilities, the management of its partnerships, the operation of its logistics and distribution channel, and the retention of its personnel.

It also accrues cost in the form of rental and utility fees across its network of offices.

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From design engineer and production manager to global operations and corporate finance, browse our open positions in 30 countries. Choose from our regular. Flextronics Jobs in United States (3 new). Strategy Associate. Strategy Associate. Flex. San Jose, CA. Actively Hiring. 5 days ago. Flextronics Jobs in India · India - Open Opportunities · India - Open Opportunities · Junior Engineer - Component Engineering · Junior Engineer - Component.