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Part time jobs in khammam local jobs with the usps

Part time jobs in khammam local

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Dealing with queries or requests from the visitors and employees of Khammam office. Coordinating the maintenance and repair of office equipment. Assisting other administrative staff in wide range of office duties. Collecting and distributing couriers or parcels from Khammam partners and opening and sorting emails. Helping the receptionist, secretaries, or other administrative assistants in performing their duties.

Be a Honest, hardworking, polite. Housekeeping e. Sweeping, Moping. Then submit it. Now upload the required documents like photo, signature and educations. Pay the application fee as per your category. We are not getting any application fee from the candidates. Pay application fee only at the official website mentioned in the notification.

If any official website asking for a fee, candidates must be doing it at your own risk, we are not responsible for any fee. After pay, the application fee takes a receipt. Check all details fill in the application form carefully.

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You can signup for our Free training package to get the list of micro job sites. There is no way a software can read this message. Become a part time seller Whether Flipkart or Amazon is profitable or not but their sellers are very much profitable. Now you can sell anything that you want. Online Consultant If you have knowledge in a particular field or you are some expert then you can provide online consultancy or even training through Skype.

Part time Photography Do you know that in addition to behind as a hobby, photography is now turning out to an income earning source these days. You can either sell your photos online or set up your own website. YouTube Partnership YouTube is one of most popular website for watching videos. You must have observed the various ads when you watch any video on YouTube. You can create a YouTube channel and upload some interesting videos to make money from YouTube.

There are many YouTubers who make money in money part time. You need to join YouTube partner program to start earning from your YouTube channel. You get paid according to the number of video views and many other factors. Refer: A complete guide to make money from YouTube Digital Marketing Services Digital marketing is the fastest growing industry in India.

Over two million jobs in digital marketing will be created by , says Pricewaterhouse Coopers PwC in a report. A digital marketing fresher can earn up to Rs. Or you can work from home as freelancer too. Social Media Manager Social Media management is also part of digital marketing. It involves handling social media pages of your employer from home, during spare time.

Virtual Assistant Virtual Assistants make up to Rs. This is an excellent part-time job for students and housewives. VAs, as they are known as, provide all sorts of secretarial services to employers. This can include handing social media accounts, fixing appointments, making travel arrangements and lots more.

Mystery Shopper A lot of mystery surrounds mystery shopping in India. Mystery shopping is part of the broader, market research industry. Register on these. The employer pays for the stuff. You get Rs. Sometimes, you get to keep the stuff too. It will help you get higher paying mystery shopping jobs. Together they offer over engineering and non-engineering vocational courses.

However, this rapid growth in number of ITI facilities is causing a shortage of skilled trainers and instructors. Hence, they are hiring online ITI instructors. You can make up to Rs. Video Editor Vloggers, documentary film makers, advertising companies and lots of other individuals and businesses need excellent videos for various purposes. Shooting a video can be easy but editing long recordings, adjusting sound levels and fixing other issues needs professionals.

Working as part-time video editor has unlimited income potential. Indian Railways Ticketing Agent Indian Railways looks for unemployed persons or those with ample spare time to work as ticketing agents- both in densely populated metros and rural areas. Upon checking your credentials, you may have to furnish a Rs. This is a very profitable part-time online job. It requires excellent understanding of the stock market, factors that affect share prices, astute knowledge about when to buy, sell or hold as well as stock trading rules and regulations.

Take a good stock and commodities trading course and apply with sub-brokers. You can do other work after stock trading for the day winds up. Online Media Editor Smartphones are now the single largest source of news for most India. And high-speed mobile data at affordable rates is spurring this trend. Consequently, we have lots of purely online newspapers in India. They are mostly local or regional. Since these media outlets have low cost operations, they hire online editors.

I would recommend this online job to everyone that has excellent skills in any language. Online Public Relations Manager Efficient public relations holds key to success of any enterprise. Good PR involves brand building and creating an awareness about any particular business within a niche audience or public at large.

There are various resources to do so. PR agencies look for candidates that can interact with clients, media and public through online platforms. Tasks like writing and emailing press releases are part of this work. Part-time online PR managers can earn as high as Rs. Freelance Stock Photographer Turn your passion for photography to profitable part-time online work. If you own a superb digital camera, take amazing pictures of everything from celebrities to nature and natural phenomenon or even everyday life in your locality.

You can register on a good stock photo website and sell these pictures. Earnings are in US Dollars usually, which means you stand a good chance to earn really huge amount of money. Micro Tasks Personally, I believe that micro tasking is the most neglected part-time job. Few know about it and even fewer people go for it. Micro tasking jobs are very simple. It would involve checking websites and content for duplicate images, incorrect information, proofreading and lots more small work.

Amazon has a program known as Mechanical Turk which is occasionally available in India. Here you have unlimited income potential since pay depends on how many hours you log, Under the program, Amazon enlists help of part-timers and freelancers to do motley offline and online tasks. Online Magazine Journalist Love to write articles about various issues and topics? Become an online magazine journalist. You can send interviews with notable persons, feature stories, human interest articles and lots more for such magazines.

The other advantage: you become member of press, if the magazine is legit and holds Registrar of Newspapers of India RNI registration. A government press card opens doors to lots of fringe benefits. App Developer Again coming back to widespread use of mobiles in India. I suggest you visit Google Play and find more about apps.

This proves that companies and businesses of all kinds need app developers to create, maintain and update apps. This presents opportunities for unlimited income. App Tester App testing requires skills. Provide part-time app testing services.

The better your abilities to test and review apps, higher your income. And this is a growing profession which you can enter right now if you have necessary skills and qualifications. Games Developer We all love playing games on mobile and computers.

In fact, developing games for mobiles and computers is very huge business worldwide. There are companies that specialize in this field and look for innovative, creative game developers. Software specialists with enough experience can get part-time jobs as game developers with these Indian and foreign companies. Earning potential: Unlimited again. Therefore, you can play both roles part-time for different employers or simply enjoy yourself and make money as game tester.

It depends on how many hours you can allot on a day on this part-time, profitable work. These places are under hour camera surveillance. And these cameras are monitored by someone sitting at a remote location. In case of emergencies, these remote surveillance crew alerts police and law enforcers. Usually sensitive installations at distant locations are under remote surveillance. Those who watch CCTV work in shifts. This means you can choose your work hours.

One is by working for some astrology company or media house. Astrology companies provide online horoscopes and require people to operate their software to create one. They also need people that can make some astrological predictions and match horoscopes for matrimony and other purposes. Newspapers and magazines hire astrologers for their daily or weekly horoscope section.

You can find job as online astrologer with these companies. Or you can open own freelance, part-time business as online astrologer. Signup Free for getting all these online jobs Offline Part Time Jobs If you do not have a computer or internet connection in your home, you can opt for these top 15 offline jobs in part time: Part time office job This is one of the best way to work part time if you are looking for an offline part time job.

Amazon Flex Amazon India continues to offer amazing ways for people to have a side-gig and make extra money. You can earn up to Rs. Briefly, Amazon Flex is a program that helps you earn money by delivering packages to Amazon customers in your area.

Are you aware that offline data entry jobs are also available? Offline data entry involves filling information on paper forms from raw data that your employer will provide. It can also include entering data on registers and scrolls, account books and ledgers. You can check these 6 ways to find offline data entry jobs. Home Tuition or a home tutor If you love teaching, you can take part time tuition for young kids in your area. If you do some research in your area, you can easily find at least students who need tuition because their parents are unable to each them.

You need to advertise through mouth publicity, or pamphlets distribution, whatsapp marketing etc. Network marketing This is one of the best part time options for people who like to work in their own terms. There are many old companies like Amway, Herbalife etc. You can find new companies with good products and compensation plan to earn good income. Thousands of people across India are earning as much as Rs. Of course, your income will depend on where you live and routes you can operate on.

However, lots of Uber and Ola drivers earn up to Rs. Domestic call center You can choose to work from your house for call centers that look for executives to answer the queries of their customers. There are many companies who hires part time executive for their call centre. Translator If you have fluency in some other language in addition to English, you can look for translator position.

Of course, you will need a computer for doing this work. But, internet connection is not essential. In this role, you may be asked to transcribe speeches, podcasts, interviews and more. With experience you can work in a more specialized role, such as a legal or medical transcriptionist. Required skills and experience: Attention to detail, fast and accurate typing, good listening, and the ability to understand accents.

Where to learn more: To learn more about working as a transcriber, check out these 10 online transcription jobs for beginners. Where to Find Jobs: Ubiqus : An agency providing multilingual expertise to companies around the globe. Ubiqus hires you as a W2 employee. Corporate, legal and medical transcription jobs are just a few of its open opportunities. TranscribeMe : A company hiring transcriptionists to work for clients in several industries.

You work on chunks of whole audio files ranging from 10 seconds to a minute long. Must pass an entrance exam that tests your English skills. Rev : A popular transcription platform where you can pick from hundreds of available assignments. Rev tests you on your English skills and ability to follow their style rules before you can work.

You can earn more as you improve your transcription skills by taking on more challenging assignments. GoTranscript : A UK-based transcription company with steady work and a variety of interesting jobs to choose from. GoTranscript also provides feedback on your work so you can improve. Required skills and experience: Social media savviness, copywriting, customer service and web analytics.

This job often requires a little bit of writing, some graphic design and even a bit of sales. Where to learn more: Check out our comprehensive guide to social media jobs to learn about the skills you need and how to land clients. Where to find jobs: While you can find freelance social media jobs on sites like Upwork and Fiverr, FlexJobs has a long list of fully remote part time jobs with established companies. At the time of publication, there were over remote job listings for opportunities in the social media category on the site.

Graphic designers create visual assets that convey information to consumers. This can include logos, brochures, product packaging, billboard ads and other marketing materials. Required skills and experience: Typography, web design, graphic design programs Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

Where to learn more: Ready to build a business around your artistic talents? Check out our guide to getting started as a freelance graphic designer. Where to find jobs: Upwork and Fiverr : Upwork has plenty of graphic design opportunities — especially for website design work. DesignCrowd : Like 99Designs, this is a marketplace with both freelance jobs and design competitions.

Toptal : Freelance marketplace for technical jobs, but there are graphic design opportunities as well. Crowdspring : A marketplace in which you compete against other designers by submitting your work to clients. If the client picks your work, you get paid. All types of design jobs are available, but they emphasize web-based graphic design. Must get on a waitlist to join; registration only opens once per quarter and only stays open for a few weeks at a time , so be on the lookout.

Many large companies now hire remote customer service agents, making this a great option for those looking for part time jobs from home. Required skills and experience: Customer service skills, basic tech proficiency and good multi-tasking ability. However, there are also plenty of applicants, which can make getting hired a challenge. Where to learn more: Check out our list of work-from-home customer service jobs in every industry. Where to find jobs: Apple : At-Home Advisors help customers understand and troubleshoot Apple products.

Familiarity with the Apple ecosystem is not required, as they train you. This is the cream of the crop when it comes to at-home customer service jobs, which means opportunities are limited and hard to snag. VIPDesk : A customer service agency servicing clients in several industries mostly luxury retail. Sykes : Hires for remote customer service and search quality evaluator positions.

Has bilingual positions available. Vicky Virtual : Hires virtual receptionists to handle customer service calls for businesses, route them to the right place and conduct live chat. Must type at least 50 WPM to qualify. Sitel : Has both full time and part time work from home opportunities available. Agents are hired as employees rather than contractors.

Serves industries ranging from banking to government to healthcare and more. What about Amazon? That means opportunities are rare and competition is fierce. We talk about this and more in our Amazon work-from-home jobs article. Surprisingly, there are part time online jobs for stylists. Online stylists help their clients optimize their fashion by suggesting clothes and accessories. They also sometimes go the influencer route and make money on social media platforms like Snapchat often, by leveraging affiliate marketing.

Where to find jobs: StichFix : A tech-focused startup that ships customers periodic, customized fashion boxes on a subscription basis. Offers flexible scheduling and employee discounts on clothing. But even though the job is remote, you must live near Austin, Cleveland, Dallas, Minneapolis or Pittsburgh to qualify.