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Ask the owner how you can expect the pets to act. The goal here is to avoid surprises. Frequently Asked Questions What are the best countries to house sit in? Housesitting is awesome in ANY country. That said, there are way more opportunities available in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and throughout Europe which also happen to be the most expensive for accommodation. Are housesitter jobs safe? Both house sitters and homeowners can see the profile and read reviews before accepting a sit.

Not only that, but the housesitting sites also have all your information on file—ID, credit card info, and sometimes even background checks—to ensure nobody tries anything shady. That said, if you find housesitting jobs outside of the main platforms like on Craigslist, for example , there is more risk involved.

Is house sitting free? Most housesitting sites charge housesitters an annual fee to use the platform. Once inside the platform, you can land as many sits as you want for free. How does house sitting work? A homeowner lets the housesitter stay in their house for free while they are away. In exchange, the housesitter may have to take care of pets or other chores depending on the assignment.

Which house sitting site is best? If you are looking for housesitting jobs in Australia or New Zealand, you may be better off with one a smaller, less expensive platform like Aussie House Sitters or Kiwi House Sitters. Is Trusted House Sitters worth it? If you land at least one house sit per year, the amount you save in accommodation costs will likely outweigh your membership fee.

Is house sitting a good job? House sitting is a good job for anyone who wants to save money on accommodation. Are there house sitting jobs without pets? Can you house sit with a dog? It is possible to find housesitting arrangements if you have a dog or other pet , but you will have fewer options.

It all depends on the specific assignment. Just make sure to mention your pet when you apply. What are the duties of a house sitter? Housesitting duties vary by assignment. Each housesitter job listing will clearly explain the responsibilities for the sit. If the sit involves many time-consuming responsibilies beyond taking care of a few animals, the owner may offer some sort of payment. This, however, is not typical—especially in popular destinations with many hungry housesitters vying for jobs.

Can you make a living as a house sitter? Most housesitting assignments found on platforms like Trusted Housesitters do not involve pay. That said, it is possible to find paid assignments both on and off these online platforms. The other, indirect way of making a living as a house sitter is to work online as you housesit. This is a great way to save money quickly as you are basically living rent-free. Mitch Mitch is your typical nomadic backpacker.

Or at least, he was. In our case, we find a lot of house sitting jobs for couples because two heads are better than one, and it makes the work of running a home easier and more enjoyable. Mike likes to flex his green thumb or work with his hands, and I like running a home.

Homeowners who have a lot of house sit vacancies over the years usually have a binder with outlined tasks and checklists. It is very common among retirees to become a house sitter, but due to the popularity of remote careers there is a growing number of digital nomads and freelancers who are opting to do house sitting abroad as a form of free accommodation for travellers. The question you might ask yourself is whether or not the money you are saving is worth the work you are doing.

On the contrary, if you like to travel on a budget, are a pet lover, and prefer immersive experiences in foreign locales, house sitting abroad is perfect for you. One of the greatest rewards for being an animal lover is that you increase your chances of getting accepted for pet sitting jobs which vastly increases your options.

In our case, we both grew up with numerous fuzzy family members and we usually opt for pet sitting opportunities. Your goal as a pet sitter job applicant is to make the owner know and feel that their pet is in good hands. The Benefits of House Sitting Jobs For the Housesitter: House sitting is the ideal job for the animal lover who likes to travel and explore new places on a budget. A side benefit of house sitting is that it provides balance to your life and it grounds you.

House sitting jobs also give you the opportunity to be around animals, go for walks, and take in your surroundings. For the Homeowner: For some homeowners, house sitting can be a foreign concept. In addition, homeowners want security for their home. Empty homes are easy targets for burglars. Loves hugs, snuggles, licking feet, and kicking burglar ass How Secure is House Sitting?

Housesitting is not as simple as inviting someone to live in your home temporarily. TrustedHousesitters Review With the help of sites like TrustedHousesitters , homeowners can choose from a selection of trusted house sitters who have been verified by the platform. Before a house sitter can become a member of the TrustedHousesitters , they have to present a government ID, undergo a criminal background check, and pay a fee. They are also asked for references who can vouch for their trustworthiness.

This is to prevent bad actors from committing crimes or getting bad reviews and simply deleting their account, and then starting a new one as is often the case with poor quality free accommodation sites like Couchsurfing. If you do, you can earn some experience and valuable references social proof that will make you more qualified. Creating Your Profile Your profile needs a great photo, sound relatable, and come across professional if you want to become a house sitter that gets noticed from the get-go.

Before we jump in, remember that house sitting job sites are still search engines, just like Google, YouTube, Amazon, and of more comparatively, Linked In. Here are important elements to include in your profile: Headline Most platforms will let you create a headline which describes succinctly what you have to offer.

Think long and hard about this. Look at what other house sitters are doing. Now come up with a better one than that! Experience Outline your experience housesitting. Where, for who, how long, what you did are some great details to add. Purpose Let it be known why you want to house sit. Homeowners want to know your motivation besides just getting a free bed to sleep in.

Maybe you enjoy being around animals or that you like doing slow travel because it lets you make more fulfilling connections for longer periods of time. Skills State useful housesitting skills. Maybe you are really resourceful and flexible person or that you have a pet certification. Focus on your strengths but be realistic about your limitations. This may narrow down your opportunities but finding the perfect match gets easier.

FAQs Okay, this is going a step further but trust us, it will impress homeowners. Answer that in your FAQ. Include as many details in your profile as you possibly can. Review everything in your profile, and then review it again. If possible, have a trusted friend or family member look at it.

They might even seek you out on other social platforms via Google Image Search and look at other publicly-facing photos, too. Quell the skeptics. You might even want to pose with a pet in your photo. It may feel phony but hey, it works.

Also make sure that the photo is bright. No group shots. Your potential client has no time to guess which one of you is the profile owner. Gather Your References References help strengthen your credibility when applying for a house sitter job. These are people that homeowners can contact to verify whether you are trustworthy or not. You can still find that much needed reference that will land you the job with some loosely-related experience put into context.

Maybe you used to be a babysitter. A boy scout. Or you volunteered somewhere that could highlight how accountable you are. The most important thing is that they mention you are good at house sitting abroad or pet sitting. You can even add testimonials to your profile. Most people will stop at 5 references. If you can get more than that, go for it. It can be from your previous coworker, your landlord, your mama, or even a close friend. Once you start getting those house sitting gigs, make sure to collect references from the homeowners.

It will help strengthen your profile and make you more attractive in the eyes of new prospects. Location, Location, Location Before you become a house sitter and commit to a gig, be sure to find out where the true location of the house as it may be listed in your desired city —yet the house could be hours away from the city centre. Are you willing to go for it anyway? Take your time to critically explore house sitter jobs abroad in the cities you desire and bookmark potential gigs you want to apply for.

After you have your list of potential house sits, double down and read their descriptions more closely. Remember, you will be writing a personalized application letter for each one which takes time! Factors might include more property maintenance such as yard work or gardening, or maybe more than one pet which would demand more people present during walks. Alternatively, you may want to pick house sit gigs with dates that overlap with your existing travel plans.

Planning this way can help you save a lot of time and money. The worst thing a travel blogger can do for all concerned is try to force it, no matter how Instagram-worthy a particular location might be. A bad review on any house sitting job site could be lethal. Sending Your House Sitting Job Application Applying for a house sit job means sending an application letter to the homeowner. Do not use a template. I repeat. You can start with a uniform introduction but beyond that, the letter should be specific to the owner, written entirely from scratch.

Homeowners care deeply about their furry family members and will question whether you are invested in them more or less than their infinity pool. Reply to their messages right away. A day-late response could make all the difference in you losing that opportunity. If you made it this far, congrats! This is often the final step of the application process and if you do it right, you could land the house sit job. The point is for the homeowner to get to know you.

Treat it like a normal conversation with a friend that you respect. Ask them personal questions too, especially about their pet. It will demonstrate an understanding of the job, while filling in potential breaks in understanding. It only makes sense to know them and their pet and any unique characteristics of their home so you can do your job competently.

That, and answering questions will get the homeowner talking. The more time they invest in you, the more likely you will get the house sitting gig. What If the Gig gets Cancelled? Apologize for the trouble especially if the job has already been agreed upon. It could also happen that you got accepted for two jobs that happen to be at the same time.

Make sure to let the shortlisted owner know. That way, they can find a replacement right away. There are more gigs awaiting you. Last minute cancellations happen very rarely and most homeowners are more than willing to cover part of the financial burden. To really get ahead of the competition, you want to apply as soon as the listing comes out.

Once a homeowner starts communicating with another candidate, your chances of getting accepted are drastically reduced. You want to be the first or second person who sends that application to them, so set up notifications for every new listing in your desired location.

Apply to As Many As You Can The more live in house sitter jobs you apply for, the better your chances are of getting one. Oh, the parallels. Keep away from emotional decisions in regard to the house sit listings you apply for and learn to be flexible. That means you have a greater chance of getting accepted if you know how to deal with domestic furries of the non-cosplay variety. However, if getting licked by a dog or chasing ADD cats is the last thing you want to do, your options for house sitting jobs may not be as wide.

Not every house pet is a cute and cuddly puppy. Hang around your friends with their pets and ask questions about how they deal with certain situations or what human foods are toxic to pets. Get Housesitting Job Experience House sitting experience is something that will definitely help you stand out from other applicants.

For example, who do you think the homeowner looking to fill a pet sitter job will choose? The person with one year of home sit experience with no pets, or the one with experience pet sitting 5 dogs? A pet owner can smell out inexperience like Lassie sniffs out lost boys who fall down watering wells. Upload a Video of Yourself Housesitting job sites like Trusted Housesitters let you to post a promotional video, and that provides you with a fabulous opportunity to stand head and shoulders above other house sit job applicants.

This is your chance to showcase your personality and skills so make the most out of it. No one wants to watch a 10 minute video when they can just read your info in scan of your profile, I suggest keeping it to 3 minutes. You can widen your chances of finding private house sitting opportunities with internet marketing a huge advantage for savvy digital nomads.

Some people are not aware that such services exist and might even consider hiring you. You will find that your hard work will be repaid with more house sitting options that you can choose from. Even in your home town, a live in house sitting job is great fodder for the ultimate staycation and they build experience, referrals, and social proof. Travel Insurance, Simplified We recently reviewed World Nomads and Safetywing , the top two travel insurance providers among long-term travelers and digital nomads.

Safetywing is incredibly economical, but is it comprehensive enough for your needs? World Nomads offers more coverage, but is it too much? Find out, read our side-by-side comparison. From idyllic location to crystal clear instructions, everything is just perfect. It takes a certain skill to distinguish a good house sit from a bad one. But remember that not every home or homeowner is a right fit for you.

Here are some ways you can avoid a bad sit: 1. Always check the photos before committing to a job.