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Two questions helped me gain clarity around which path to take: 1 Am I excited about solving the problems that this nonprofit is trying to address? Perhaps, it was my entrepreneurial spirit that pushed me to take up the offer. My job was to support their fund management initiatives. Finance was my forte and I was confident in my ability to deliver results. It took me a few months to understand how fundraising and partnerships work in the nonprofit sector, but I stuck with it, and eventually, things fell into place.

I now work with philanthropies globally and have dedicated the last decade of my life to implementing social programs that help people tackle poverty. I also enable investments in nonprofit startups. Nonprofits and corporations are not as different as you think. First, let me address a common myth: People often think that the corporate and the nonprofit worlds exist in opposition to each other.

More specifically, the myth is that nonprofits are driven by passionate individuals coming together to fight for a collective cause while corporations are driven by money-hungry individuals competing to meet consumer needs. The truth is far more nuanced than that.

Yes, the philosophies guiding each sector are different, but as an employee, you focus on similar things in both worlds: building transferable skills, solving problems in unique ways, making an impact, and finding the right avenues to grow your career. Similarly, a cause is to a nonprofit is what a client is to a corporation: the most important stakeholder. In both sectors, every decision is made with the cause or the client in mind. You need more than passion — you need skills. Any career is a journey of discovery — about yourself and about the world.

You may need to work at a few different organizations before finding your rhythm, but in time, you will find a job that resonates with you deeply and inspires you to stick it out for the long run. Even so, your passion alone will not be enough to succeed. You also need to develop the skills to support the cause you care about.

This will take hard work, patience, and a willingness to grow. No matter what cause you choose, you will likely be involved in at least one of these processes. There are many ways to make an impact. In this example, you would be building relationships with students, teachers, the local government, and the school administration. You may be required to conduct quantitative or qualitative surveys, review existing educational programs in the area, or assist in developing an action plan.

Across the board, these types of roles require strong execution skills and a hands-on approach. In the social sector, some of the most common jobs in this category include: Surveyor: Someone who conducts surveys and research in the assigned beneficiary area. Field officer: Someone who works one-on-one with beneficiaries. Trainer: Teachers, coaches, educators, instructors, or other individuals who work directly with the beneficiaries.

Moderator: Someone who liaisons between the beneficiaries and other stakeholders such as the nonprofit headquarters, local governments, etc. Enabler roles In these positions, you will likely work with one of the following groups: corporations, philanthropic organizations, high-net worth individuals HNWIs , influencers, public advocacy campaigns, or government officials. Learn how to get your job featured in our weekly newsletter! Post Your Events Get the word out about your events.

Our Community Calendar features both capacity building events and more general events. Visit the Community Calendar and scroll down to see the button on the right. RFPs and Contract Positions Although we don't post contract positions on our Jobs page, you can send them to us at info nhnonprofits. Are you selling or giving away stuff that nonprofits might need? Send your information to info nhnonprofits.

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Depends on the role. Though, depending on the organization or the job role, sometimes just the experience and wanting to help is all it takes to get started. Do I get paid to work at a nonprofit? Most of the time. As we mentioned before, working at a nonprofit is different from volunteering. In most cases, nonprofit employees do earn a salary. How do nonprofits afford salaries for their employees? Oftentimes, the profit comes from donations, donations, or other fundraising events.

How organizations go about generating that financial support is going to depend on the specific nonprofit itself. Because every organization needs to pay for daily operations office space, equipment, salaries, etc. Not necessarily. What kind of people do nonprofits hire? Of course, this depends on the organization. But for the most part, all nonprofits want people who are passionate about the cause.

A potential new hire may not have a ton of experience in the nonprofit role, but what they lack in experience, they can make up for it in passion and hard work. Many nonprofit professionals are driven by their desire to make a difference in the world. So, in some cases, being able to grow and learn with the organization is all it takes. Is a nonprofit career right for me? Typically, nonprofits attract people who are willing to work hard to support a cause they believe in.

But for some people, working for the cause can be its own reward. Additionally, the nonprofit job might also involve getting outside of your comfort zone. For professionals who enjoy solving problems and looking for personal growth - this might be a good thing. Think about your priorities and what motivates you, and go from there.

The short answer is that it depends. Your job title, duties, and employer are obviously big factors in determining your compensation. Most Common Nonprofit Job Titles Most nonprofit enterprises are organized similarly to regular for-profit companies. However, there are other jobs that are unique to the nonprofit sector, but which can generally be categorized into the existing typical corporate divisions.

Outreach Coordinator Jobs For example, the outreach coordinator in a nonprofit promotes the mission of the organization among the local community. They might organize events, recruit volunteers, or arrange other projects to get the community excited about and invested in the enterprise. Development Jobs Jobs in development might attend to fundraising planning, securing financial support, creating special events for donors, and running other projects to ensure the organization meets its annual goals.

Grant Writer Jobs A grant writer works with the development director, completing applications for funding typically applications to foundations, the government, or a trust to make sure the nonprofit achieves its annual financial goals. For more information on each job title, check out the U.