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Read through the " Questions for References " on the PSP website to better prepare yourself for what questions may be asked. Follow up in a timely manner with people who contact you for a reference. Be available for phone calls or face-to-face meetings, not just emails.

Be prepared to give examples that show why your nanny is great. After you speak to a potential employer, offer to be available to answer other questions as they think of them. Have them start spreading the word that the nanny needs a job. See what others are saying about their nannies: Read through the Park Slope Parents Classifieds Nanny Recommendations and other nanny recommendations on other sites like care. Talk about what made your nanny a good match for your family, or what kind of family your nanny would do best with.

Research what potential employers will be searching: Do searches of your nanny's phone numbers, email and name on the following sites to make sure that the information is consistent and professional on sites such as FaceBook, Craigslist, Google and nanny job sites sittercity, care. Help your nanny prepare for the job hunt: Interviews.

Just because they're a great nanny doesn't mean they're great at interviewing. Go through the list of interview questions on the PSP website and coach them. Remind them of experience they've had in your home that others will want to hear about. Remind them about what you liked and didn't like about what they did when they interviewed with you. Work with them to come up with a list of questions to ask potential employers.

An interview should be a two-way conversation. This will help them decide if the family is a good fit with their working style or if they'd be unhappy with the employer. While not absolutely necessary, having a resume shows a level of professionalism that can make them stand out. If there is relevant training CPR, home safety, etc they can get, help them find and take a class, or update a certificate.

Interview potential employers. Try to find out what kind of employer the interviewee will be. That means we can only advance and screen the top candidates who are more than qualified for our positions and are a match for the family.

Our blog is full of ideas and tips on how to bolster your resume and experience. Adding more specialized experience will help you stand out among our candidate pool when you are applying for jobs. Here are some ideas! To confirm your account, please fill out this form. What's my access code? To receive your access code, please fill out this form. May I update the resume you have on file? Please fill out this form. How do I update my account information?

Check our Job Board for the most up-to-date positions and apply for any you find interesting! Is the job still open? Great news! Can I ask a question about a job? We truly understand how important it is to find the right fit, and if the family selects you to move forward, you will have many opportunities to discuss your specific questions throughout the interview process. If you want to be considered for the position and learn more about it, the first step is submitting an application directly through our Job Board.

What are the standard job responsibilities requested by your families? General duties include feeding, dressing, and bathing the child ren , as well as planning and carrying out age-appropriate activities, driving children to their activities, and careful supervision at all times. Additional duties may include light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, errands, and general family assistant duties.

Curriculum-building may or may not be a requirement, and additional skills such as familiarity with alternative education methods or children with unique circumstances are often required or preferred. How many families and jobs do you have? Our team speaks directly with each family over the phone multiple times, which gives us a great sense of their personalities, needs, and lifestyles. We collect references from current and past employees and conduct an internet screen so we feel confident their home will be a safe and positive workplace.

Many of our families were referred through loyal past clients, which is an added endorsement. Is there a trial period? During the interview process, we encourage families to have a paid trial of 1 to 7 days for each candidate.

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Academic Skills. It is quite expedient to look for certain criteria such as certification and classes in a nanny before they can work for you. This will make the nanny to be qualified enough to take her job very seriously. A nanny with basic skills test and years of experience is better than a newborn care specialist. A nanny without academic skills might consider attending adult learning evening courses within their locality for acquisition of mathematics and literary skills.

Pediatric First Aid. Every nanny needs this skill to be able to administer CPR, help a choking child, and deal with bleedings and burns. Knowledge of first aid will make parents to feel relax and have confidence in the nanny as being competent to take proper care of their children. Communication Skills. Parents and nannies should communicate effectively with each other.

This will help them to get all information about the child. Background Check. There are works references that nannies are expected to provide. The employer might like to investigate the criminal and driving records of the nanny they are seeking to employ.

Most employers hate smokers and drunks. Some prefer nannies from age 21 upwards, while others might insist on employing those with high school diploma. Problem Solving Skills. Nannies should be able to point out complicated issues and evaluate options necessary for providing possible solutions.

They are required to review related information to help develop alternatives for solutions. Not every problem should nannies communicate to their employers: they are expected to tackle some issues alone without external intervention. Love of Children. Nannies should have great and genuine love for kids. This characterizes their professionalism a great deal when they enjoy working with children.

Nannies that have love of children enjoy their work more than those without it. Active Listening. Nannies should be able to give full attention to what other people are saying. They need to carefully understand the points others are making before asking questions. If they interrupt or ask questions it should be at appropriate times.

Most employers look for nannies with at least a year of experience. If you have more years of experience you stand a better chance for employment than those with less years of experience. Cooking Skills. Nanny Responsibilities: Performing household chores such as sweeping, doing dishes and children's laundry. Ensuring clean and tidy home environment all times. Feeding pets and watering plants effectively. Bottle-feeding infants and changing diapers when required. Entertaining infants, keeping them warm, happy and clean at all times, and playing with them.

Collecting children from school. Giving children lunch and in-between snacks, encouraging them to assist with household chores, helping them with homework, and supervising them during play. Transporting and collecting children to and from play dates and extramural activities. Running errands as required.

Performing other duties as required. Proficient knowledge of home safety and first aid. Proficient knowledge of housekeeping and meal preparation. Outstanding verbal communication skills.