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Minimum one years of dental assisting experience required. Hand eye coordination, hand dexterity, and manual skills are required. Knowledgeable in digital radiographic procedures, equipment usage, taking and processing radiographs, and set up and breakdown of dark room procedures. Knowledgeable in four-handed dentistry procedures and dental material and their usage to avoid unnecessary waste of products. Basic assisting skills with strong hand dexterity in fingers and forearm.

They work directly with dentists by following detailed written instructions and using impressions molds of the patient's teeth or oral soft tissues to create: Full dentures for patients who are missing all of their teeth Removable partial dentures or fixed bridges for patients who are missing only one or a few teeth Crowns, which are caps for teeth that are designed to restore their original size and shape Veneers that enhance the appearance and function of teeth Orthodontic appliances and splints to help straighten and protect teeth Dental technicians work with a variety of materials including waxes, plastics, precious and non-precious alloys, stainless steel, a variety of porcelains, and composites or polymer glass combinations.

Many technicians skillfully use sophisticated instruments and equipment. It is important for the technician to help create tooth replacements that are both attractive and functional. Where do dental lab technicians work? Most dental lab technicians work in commercial dental laboratories employing from two to people. The average laboratory employs about five to ten technicians who may provide a full range of dental prosthetic services or specialize in producing one particular type of prosthesis for example, removable partial dentures, crown and bridge, etc.

Opportunities are also available in private dental offices for technicians who like close one-on-one contact with a dentist. Some lab technicians work in dental schools, hospitals and companies that manufacture dental prosthetic materials. Dental laboratory technology education programs offer some teaching positions for experienced technicians. What benefits does this career offer? Opportunity: Thanks to constant advancements in technology and materials, there is growing demand for restorative and cosmetic dentistry, creating expanded opportunities for laboratory technicians.

Flexibility: Dental lab technology is a flexible career offering several opportunities for advancement. Experienced technicians can find well-paid positions in commercial laboratories based on their technical or communication skills, become department heads in larger laboratories with supervisory responsibilities, or even own their own laboratories. Dental technicians also may teach dental technology courses in educational programs and apply their knowledge to research, sales and marketing of prosthetic materials, instruments and equipment.

Independence: Technicians perform much of their work without close supervision. They often experience the satisfaction that results from taking an entire project from start to finish. Creativity: Dental lab technology requires the skill and touch of an artist. Technicians need to be creative when they make prostheses.

Security: The services performed by dental technicians will always be needed.

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Graduates should possess a firm understanding of radiographic techniques, ensuring dentists are provided with clear images to help them make important decisions about patient care. Chairside manner Just as doctors and other direct care providers are expected to have excellent bedside manners, dental assistants must understand how to provide professional, compassionate care to patients.

Given the close proximity of this type of care, dental assistant graduates should learn how to set their patients at ease while administering services. Using dental materials Whether taking molds for dental fixtures, assisting with orthodontics, or helping fill cavities, dental assistants should be familiar with the spectrum of materials used to perform procedures.

Graduates of associate degree programs should be able to identify the correct materials to use for specific types of care and understand how to best utilize each. Finding Online Dental Assistant School Many vocational and technical colleges, career schools, and community colleges have online dental assistant programs if you are seeking an education outside of a brick-and-mortar campus.

Offerings include certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees, allowing students to complete their education without disrupting their schedules too much. A number of schools also offer hybrid degree structures, allowing students to complete clinical components in a campus-based setting to gain hands-on experience.

Other schools work with students to identify appropriate local organizations where students can undertake any clinical requirements. While online programs in dental assisting are appealing for a variety of reasons, you should do your research to ensure potential schools meet certain standards of academic excellence. Some of the most important qualities include: Proper Accreditation Schools seeking accreditation for their dental assistant programs need to receive approval from the Commission on Dental Accreditation, a branch of the American Dental Association ADA.

Currently, programs are accredited throughout the nation. You can find a full list on the ADA website. Students looking to attain certification by the Dental Assisting National Board should review this list carefully, as those attending unaccredited schools cannot take the exam until they have completed two years of work as a dental assistant.

Licensure and Certification Preparation While requirements for licensure and certification vary by state, you can gain national certification successfully passing the Dental Assisting National Board's Certified Dental Assistant examination. While this level of endorsement is not necessary in all states, graduates can use it both to stand out amongst the competition and to assure patients of their abilities. In addition to this national qualification, some states offer further licensure programs.

Accelerated Programs The majority of certificate and diploma programs last nine to 12 months, while associate degrees typically take two years. Outside of these timeframes, a number of institutions offer accelerated programs lasting four to eight months.

Students should fully research these to ensure they will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their field. In many cases, these programs are designed for dental assistants already working in a similar capacity who have undergone on-the-job training but wish to complete further academic coursework. Faculty with Relevant and Extensive Dental Assisting Experience No matter how passionate students are about a career in dental assisting, their education may suffer if they don't have excellent faculty members leading their program.

Many departments share teacher biographies, allowing prospective students to get a sense of their backgrounds. Dental assistants must have a firm grasp on how to use the many different kinds of materials used in dental procedures, from blood pressure machines, x-ray labs, dental impressions, sterilization equipment, and more.

Critical thinking skills. While the dentist or dental specialist is in charge of designing treatment plans and overseeing procedures, dental assistants will be helping with a variety of these procedures. Being able to think on your feet and adapt to a changing environment is critically important. Physical skill.

Dental work is physically demanding: dental assistants are on their feet for hours at a time, and may be required to help disabled patients in and out of patient chairs. In addition, hand-eye coordination is important for any work involving patient care, including polishing teeth, taking dental impressions, x-rays, and more. Teamworking skills. Dental offices are busy, team-oriented places. Dental assistant jobs are best for people who thrive in a team.

People skills. One of the most important roles of dental assistants is making patients comfortable and at ease in the dental office space. Many patients — especially children — are intimidated by a dental or orthodontic office, and the dental assistant needs to be able to set people at ease to enjoy the experience and stay calm. Individuals who love being around and connecting with people are naturally gifted in this aspect of the job.

High demand for dental assistants means that you often have above-average negotiating power in setting your schedule. Schedules vary depending on the office setting and specifics: many dental practices are open 7 days a week and will require dental assistants to work some weekend days. Others may be open only Monday through Friday. When working in a dental office you can expect a busy, bustling place with a lot of activity. Sterilization and infection control are important parts of the dental assistant job, as maintaining clean and hygienic medical facilities is critically important for a successful dental practice.

Dental Assistant vs Dental Hygienist Although it can be hard to tell who is who when visiting a dental office, dental assistants and dental hygienists are different jobs requiring different training and certification. Dental hygienists are required in all states to complete a degree or diploma program in dental hygiene and must become certified through the National Board Dental Hygiene examination, which confers the title of Registered Dental Hygienist RDH.

RDHs also have to pass state licensing requirements to practice dental hygiene. Dental assistants do not need to attend a training program or get certified, although as mentioned above many select to do so. Dental assistants often go on to become dental hygienists, as the salaries for dental hygienists tend to be higher.

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Dental Assistant jobs available on Apply to Dental Assistant, Orthodontic Assistant and more! 52 Dental Assistant jobs available in Bakersfield, CA on Apply to Dental Assistant, Orthodontic Assistant, Sterilization Technician and more! Dental hygienist, dental assistant, lab technician, and community dental coordinator are all roles in the dental field to consider.