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The other, as its name implies, involves only local travel. These are just a few of the pros and cons of becoming a local travel nurse. Most nursing professionals have found the pros outweigh the cons, but only you can decide if this career move is right for you. Make your own pros and cons list to help with your choice. Expert advice from nurses like you Join the free Incredible Health Nurse Community to get career advice , support , and tips from experienced fellow nurses.

To become a local travel nurse, you first must become a licensed registered nurse RN. Some travel nurse agencies only accept candidates with BSNs, so be sure to check the requirements when applying. Many healthcare agencies require a minimum amount of experience. You can benefit from having certifications or work in certain specialties. Some local travel nurses work as home health nurses. Their service to their employees is top notch.

My recruiter is exceptional and has always been there for any needs or questions I have. She answers questions in a timely manner, understands your needs and wants, and makes sure you are happy with your assignment. She is always a phone call away if you ever need anything. She loves her job and is very kind. I would recommend her to anyone looking to do travel. She always returned my calls, text, or emails in a very timely manner.

I will refer all my nurse buddies to her. He kept me well informed about my assignment that has been ongoing and I would definitely recommend my nurse friends to him. She helped me all the way through navigating my first travel contract and really helped ease any anxieties I had.

She is upfront and honest. It feels like she has known me forever.

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In addition, if there is another global event or pandemic that requires online nursing care, nurses who have adopted remote technologies become even more valuable within the profession. Here are 10 work-from-home nursing jobs to consider! Case Management Nurses are in high demand when it comes to case management positions.

In this role, you will be responsible for handling long and short-term disability claims for patients. You will need to collaborate with physicians, employers, and insurance companies to help facilitate communication and ensure compliance among all the parties involved. Ultimately, your goal is to help coordinate treatment and funding so that a return-to-work goal can be established and met.

Since most of your work can be done over the phone or through email, case management is a perfect work from home position for skilled and experienced nurses who are familiar with the healthcare industry. Insurance Claims Making the transition from caregiving to working as an insurance claims specialist can be more natural than you might think.

And working for a health insurance company can allow more job flexibility. Health insurance companies need people with health care knowledge to examine and investigate claims to determine whether or not certain procedures are covered. They also work to decide how much money the insurance company is required to pay for each claim. Your background in nursing will help you to make informed decisions in the best interest of the patients, medical providers, and insurance companies.

And, of course, you can work at home. Show Me Nursing Programs 3. Telephone Triage Nurse Busy medical facilities and doctors often run triage by telephone. This allows highly qualified nurses to speak with patients, assess their symptoms, and recommend the best course of action before they show up to receive healthcare services. Nurses in triage can often answer patient questions, preventing unnecessary visits and keeping other healthcare professionals and support staff focused on the patients in the clinic.

The telephone triage system helps handle less urgent problems more efficiently so that resources are appropriately distributed. Tele-nurses can work at home and still contribute directly to patient care. They provide valuable medical advice to patients with a wide variety of problems.

And you can also think beyond your local medical clinics and hospitals when searching for these kinds of nurse jobs. Some national companies like CVS Pharmacies hire telephonic nurses to help their customers. Health Informatics This exciting new branch of health care is using technology to improve patient care and create a better healthcare system. Informatics works to find innovative intersections between technology, communication, and healthcare systems in order to move the entire industry forward.

If you are interested in changing the system by developing and implementing new solutions, then you may be able to put your nursing degree to good use in health informatics. Because the field is constantly evolving and taking shape, there is plenty of room to grow, explore your interests, and help create your position.

You could help build databases to track patient outcomes. You could even write computer programs to help other healthcare professionals better serve patients. More and more informaticists have doctor of nursing practice DNP degrees. Essentially, this is more of an administrative role than a telemedicine role, but medical and healthcare companies will give candidates with medical background the edge when it comes to hiring.

Keep in mind that fewer responsibilities also means lower pay. Become a Part of the Nurse. Get the latest on all things nursing by joining our email newsletter. Freelance Nurse Writer Medical writing is a challenging field that requires extensive knowledge of medical terminology and procedures along with strong writing skills. Many nurses who enjoy writing have found freelancing to be ideal remote work. They are outside of workplace politics, and travel nurse positions often offer a higher compensation package.

Travelers receive a living subsidy and a per diem for meals and if they are on assignment over 50 miles from their home, these two sources of extra income may not be considered taxable income. This arrangement can serve as a step toward the transition from being a staff RN to a full-time traveler. Ndidi Okugo, RN, who works as a medical-surgical nurse, was having trouble finding a permanent position in her hometown of Inglewood, Calif.

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If you are looking for a local contract nurse to work at your hospital or home, Advantage Medical Professionals can help. Contact us today to get started! claydbis.co.uk is the leading source of nursing jobs and continuing education courses for nurses. Start searching for nurse jobs in your area today! 10 Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs · 1. Case Management · 2. Insurance Claims · 3. Telephone Triage Nurse · 4. Health Informatics · 5. Call Center Nurse.