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Jobs for data entry from home

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For more ideas, how you can find legit jobs on the internet, check out my article on how to find clients as a freelancer. Many companies will need someone to do data entry tasks at some stage. However, there are a few companies that are particularly known for hiring data entry clerks. Here are some of them: 1. Businesses can outsource their jobs to remote workers who can do these tasks online. While there are many jobs offered here, a big portion of the offerings is definitely data entry jobs.

Appen If you have ever searched for part-time flexible remote jobs before, chances are good you came across Appen. Here you can find a variety of microtasks, including data collecting and data entry. Again, most of the jobs are short-term and project-based.

Axion Data Entry Services Axion Data Entry Services is, as the name suggests, a company that specializes in work from home data entry jobs. On the downside, they require years of data entry experience. Capital Typing Capital Typing is another outsourcing company that provides many different virtual office services. Here you can find jobs in the field of data entry, market research, translation, customer support, or even secretarial services. Clickworker If you want to work as a freelance data entry clerk, Clickworker is a good place to look for jobs.

Here you can find plenty of data entry jobs, data search, translating, or even survey tasks. Registration is easy but the jobs are usually micro jobs which means they are short and so is the payment. Besides having your own computer, you should be able to type at least 60 wpm. The company hires both, independent contractors and in-house data entry clerks.

Lionbridge Lionbridge is another very popular company when it comes to small online jobs. Here you can mainly find evaluator and assessor jobs but also many jobs in the data entry field, gaming, or translation. WorkingSolutions WorkingSolutions offers a wide range of tasks for independent contractors. From data entry to editing or call center jobs — you can apply for different projects once you are registered. Payments are via direct deposit or mailed check. The good news, the range of the data entry earnings potential is quite large.

The bad news is, it is not exactly a job that you would call a high-paying remote job. Often, it is only paid minimum wage. If you are looking for freelance jobs on platforms, such as Upwork, you will find that some payments go as low as USD per hour. Rates like that are possible because of the massive competition coming from all around the world. If you live in a country with much lower living costs, these hourly rates could still pay your rent.

I would say your chances of finding a decent-paying data entry job are best on the platform that I have introduced earlier: FlexJobs. As a side note: Especially in data entry, there are many work-from-home scams out there. Also never pay for anything upfront to be able to get the job, e. This is not legit and you should end your contact with that company immediately. This is another reason why you should check out FlexJobs for this kind of job. What are the Advantages of Data Entry Jobs?

There is a reason why so many people are looking for data entry jobs. To be precise, there is not just one reason but a few. Here are the benefits of data entry jobs: You often get flexible work hours and can do your job whenever you feel most productive as long as you finish your workload within a given timeframe. You can work from wherever you want as data entry jobs are almost always remotely.

There are thousands of data entry job opportunities out there. It is a great job for introverts as there are not too many interactions with others. What are the Disadvantages of Data Entry Jobs? As with every job, there are downsides to being a data entry clerk, too. You need to have excellent typing skills and be very accurate. Dealing with big databases means you need to have a decent computer and a reliable and strong internet connection. The tasks are often very monotonous and can get boring after a while.

There are many scams around so you have to be careful when agreeing on a job. Data Entry Work Alternatives After reading this data entry job guide, do you feel like this might not be the right job for you? No worries. There are plenty of data entry work alternatives out there.

Here you get a video or an audio file which you have to transcribe to text. Unless you go for a specific niche, e. Content Writing Another work-from-home typing job that is great for people who like a flexible work routine and typing texts into their computer. If you want to learn how to become a content writer , check out the linked guide.

Customer Service Agent Being a customer service representative can also involve a lot of typing. You also need to have a double monitor and do a Skype call to prove your U. Because positions are less advertised, you may have a greater chance of success. Microtask Jobs A microtask is a small and simple job that must be completed by a human rather than artificial intelligence. Microtask websites also frequently host jobs in data entry due to this overlap. Clickworker Clickworker is primarily a microtasks website, but many of the tasks available include data entry work.

After you register, you must complete an assessment to demonstrate your ability; your performance will dictate the number of jobs available to you. Like most similar sites, Clickworker pays on a piece-by-piece basis. They also have other jobs available which are fairly low-skilled, such as writing and researching. You can sign up to have jobs sent to your inbox Microworkers Microworkers is another microtask site.

It offers a variety of tasks including data entry. Some of their jobs pay better than other similar sites such as those named above. The Smart Crowd The Smart Crowd is part of Lionbridge, a company that claims to provide the most from-home working options in the world. They are certainly one of the oldest and most trusted, having been around for over twenty years.

Pay rates depend on your productivity. After registering for free you can do assessments and will be matched depending on your ability. Data entry typically involves transferring information and data from one source such as a scanned photo to another, while transcription involves transferring information from audio or video format into writing. The same skills are needed — basic computer skills, word processing experience, and quick typing.

They mostly offer transcription jobs, but sometimes have data entry positions available too. To secure a role, you need to score well on the assessment and have a typing speed of at least 70 wpm. They also only hire workers from the UK and Canada. If you have a good track record and additional competencies you may be offered work in a different department. Therefore, you could start by doing transcription or data entry but later move to something more intellectually stimulating. Birch Creek Communications Birch Creek Communications mostly hires for transcription work but sometimes it has more basic data entry positions available too.

You can choose a schedule that suits you, but most of the work available follows a corporate schedule. However, it may be difficult to find a job with Birch Creek as they look for new personnel fairly infrequently.

This company has a long list of clients including U. However, make sure that you apply through the official website as there are sometimes scams where people pretend to be from this company. GoTranscript GoTranscript is an audio and video transcription services company. It offers the most positions in transcription and video captioning, but also has data entry jobs available. If your application is accepted you must undergo training and certification before you can get started.

Quicktate Quicktate specializes in the transcription of voicemails and other audio content. You must pay for a background check yourself. Scribie Scribie is another audio transcription company, but it also offers data entry positions.

Here are a few of them, but you might be able to find more jobs by searching for data entry work on websites like Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn. They sometimes offer remote data entry positions, but to secure the role you must first attend in-person training in Missouri or Ohio.

With data entry, you can expect to do work such as data extraction, research, database development and management, direct mail, and marketing services. If you apply for a position and the firm is interested in your application, a recruiter will invite you to a Skype interview. If you prove yourself to be a reliable and capable worker, there is the possibility of being promoted to a higher position. GorgeWarehouse GorgeWarehouse is an online retailer — not an obvious data entry employer.

However, it often advertises for data entry positions on the employment section of the website. To apply, you must be able to type at a speed of at least 30 wpm. GorgeWarehouse offers telecommuting as a perk, meaning this position is technically an online job.

Pay is also higher than most data entry positions. Working Solutions Working Solutions is a call center that offers many work-at-home positions, including data entry clerk jobs. You must fill out your application and take online assessments, and can it take two weeks to get your application approved after passing the test.

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