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Jobs for medical field

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This might be a degree or diploma. The program you choose must be approved by the Council of Ambulance Authorities. To be successful in this field, you must be able to deal effectively with stressful situations. Job examples: intensive care paramedic, onsite paramedic, paramedic. Indigenous Health Worker Indigenous health workers help to ensure that the health services most of us take for granted effectively reach indigenous communities.

These professionals improve the quality of health services provided to Indigenous patients by liaising between health care professionals and Indigenous people. They may provide clinical and primary care to individuals and families, as well as community groups. Jobs are available in a variety of locations, including regional, remote, and metropolitan spots. Job examples: aboriginal and Torres strait islander health worker, aboriginal health worker, health worker indigenous.

Medical Practice Entering into medical practice places you right on the front line of providing healthcare to the community. While this is a long and difficult task, the rewards are also great. Physician A physician is also known as a 'medical practitioner', 'medical doctor', or just 'doctor'. They have challenging and rewarding careers. Some of the perks they enjoy are a high level of respect in the community, outstanding incomes, and the ability to improve and save lives.

Job examples: emergency physician, emergency physician FACEM , family medicine - physician, general physician, general practitioner, obstetrician and gynaecologist, paediatrician, palliative medicine physician, staff specialist - endocrinologist, staff specialist - intensive care, staff specialist rehabilitation, staff specialist - paediatrics, staff specialist - palliative care, staff specialist - renal and general medicine.

Physician Assistants are educated in medical schools, and work under the direction of and in collaboration with physicians. They can be authorised to carry out duties such as patient examination, providing references to specialists, assisting during surgery, creating management plans, ordering patient treatment, and interpreting imaging and tests.

At the moment, James Cook University is the only university offering an education and training program for Physician Assistants. Job example: physician assistant Medical Research Australia is a world leader when it comes to extending the boundaries of medical knowledge and treatments.

We have a huge medical research industry. If you're interested in doing scientific research, medicine and healthcare is perhaps the first career sector you should consider. Medical Research Scientist Investigating medical ailments and improving treatments is the job of medical research scientists.

They require analytical skills, the ability to work independently and as part of a team, and a highly developed capacity for focus and concentration. Start on the path to this career by enrolling in an undergraduate biology or related field program and moving on to graduate studies and a PhD program from there.

Different positions have their own specific experience and expertise requirements. Research Assistant Research assistants in medical science work under the direction of researchers in charge of the lab or project in question. Jobs often depend on outside for example, government funding for research.

An undergraduate degree program in biology or a related field is a good start on this career path. An example of an employer in medical research are university medical schools. Research Officer As a research officer, you could be doing laboratory research or perhaps research on communities and public health.

It depends on the specific niche within Australia's healthcare sector. Positions tend to be either fixed-term appointments, or continuing positions that depend on receiving future research funding. Many positions require laboratory experience. Examples of potential employers include universities, medical research institutes, and public health associations.

Mental Health Demand for mental health services is increasing as the community aims to improve life quality beyond just the physical and material. However, career opportunities are somewhat limited due to oversupplies of psychology graduates from universities.

To work in mental health, be prepared to do a support role, such as being a carer, or to do advanced studies and become a mental health nurse see nursing section , registered psychologist or psychiatrist. Accredited Mental Health Social Workers have extra expertise in mental health compared to your average social worker. These professionals provide individual counselling, family counselling, and group therapy.

Begin your career by obtaining a Bachelor of Social Work degree. If you already have a degree in another field, you can do a Master of Social Work program instead. Job examples: accredited mental health social worker, mental health clinician, mental health professional, youth mental health clinician.

Diversional Therapist Diversional therapists design and facilitate recreation and leisure programs to promote the emotional, social, spiritual, psychological, and physical wellbeing of individuals. There are many different workplaces in which diversional therapists can be found. Examples include community centres, rehabilitation and hospital units, aged care residential facilities, day and respite service organisations, and mental health services organisations.

Job examples: diversional therapist, leisure and lifestyle therapist, lifestyle coordinator, lifestyle therapist. Mental Health Support Worker Are you committed to helping people in distress? Do you care about the wellbeing of the larger community?

If the answer is 'yes', being a mental health support worker might be a suitable career path for you. Exact duties and requirements depend on the employer and the services it provides. Successful mental health support workers are empathetic individuals with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Job examples: mental health support worker Psychiatrist As a psychiatrist, you diagnose and treat behavioural, emotional, and mental disorders. As psychiatrists are medical doctors, you must complete medical school and choose psychiatry as your area of specialization.

Psychiatrists are highly trained professionals who have an outstanding median annual salary. Job examples: child and adolescent psychiatrist, consultant psychiatrist, consultant psychiatrist - adult mental health, general adult locum psychiatrist, locum adult psychiatrist, locum psychiatrist, old age psychiatrist, staff specialist - general adult psychiatry, staff specialist psychiatrist. Psychologists in Australia are licensed and regulated.

There are several pathways to this career. You must also pass the designated national board exam. Psychologists are highly trained professionals who earn an attractive median salary. Job examples: child psychologist, child and family psychologist, child psychologist - counselling and assessment, clinical psychologist, college psychologist, counsellor psychologist , mental health clinician, neuropsychologist, organisational psychologist, provisional psychologist, psychologist, psychologist - mental health, registered psychologist, school psychologist.

Nursing If you're looking for a medical career that's in demand, nursing is a good sector to consider. Demand for nurses is already huge and is expected to keep growing. Australia has an aging population, placing an ever-increasing strain on our hospital and age care facilities.

Nurses are needed for patient care across the healthcare system. You help the nurse perform his or her duties. Examples of common Assistant in Nursing tasks include facilitating activities such as toileting and showering; assisting patients in repositioning; and restocking and taking care of equipment.

Exact duties vary from workplace to workplace. Job examples: assistant in nursing, assistant nurse, nursing assistant. For an RN to begin a career as a Clinical Nurse, they must complete special additional study in a specific area in which they have several years of experience. Clinical Nurses demonstrate advanced clinical skills in their specialty area. They have a superior level of knowledge that they use in planning patient care.

Job examples: clinical nurse, clinical nurse - angiography, clinical nurse consultant, clinical nurse specialist. The degree to which an Enrolled Nurse is supervised often depends on the nature of particular assigned tasks. Duties vary from job to job and among workplaces. Some examples of common Enrolled Nurse duties include measuring, recording, and reporting patient blood pressure, blood sugar levels, respiration, temperature, and pulse; feeding patients and providing support during rehabilitation for example, during exercises ; maintaining a safe patient environment; and assisting in situations requiring emergency treatment and first aid.

Job examples: endorsed enrolled nurse, endorsed enrolled nurse - rehabilitation, enrolled nurse, enrolled nurse - acute services, enrolled nurse advanced skill , enrolled nurse advanced skills - anaesthetics, enrolled nurse casual , enrolled nurse - endorsed team leader, enrolled nurse medication endorsed , enrolled nurse team leader, enrolled nurse - residential services, enrolled nurse aged care.

Mental Health Nurses can be found in several different workplaces, such as forensic settings, hospitals, and community aged care. Registered MHNs enjoy an excellent salary. Job examples: clinical nurse mental health worker , community mental health nurse CAT , mental health nurse. Midwife Midwives must be appropriately educated and licensed to practice. In Australia, most midwives are Registered Nurses, so a popular path is to first become a Registered Nurse and then obtain additional qualifications in midwifery.

Midwives practise in many different settings, including health units and clinics, patient homes, and hospitals. They provide care, support, and advice to pregnant women, and have several important duties including, for example, conducting births and caring for newborns.

Midwives provide education and health counselling to pregnant women and the larger community. Nurse Educator and Researcher Nurse educators and researchers plan nursing education and professional development programs. They teach nursing students and carry out nursing research. Some of the workplaces where nurse educators and researchers are found include nursing schools, universities, colleges, health care settings, and research facilities.

To be a nurse educator, you must be a qualified nurse with extensive clinical experience in the field. A Master of Science in Nursing degree and perhaps a doctorate degree might also be needed for some jobs. Job examples: clinical nurse educator, lecturer in nursing, nurse educator, nurse educator — mental health, nurse educator paediatrics , professor of acute care nursing, professor of nursing, psychiatric nurse educator, senior lecturer in nursing.

Nurse Manager To be a nurse manager, you must have a registered nursing license and several years of experience in the profession. Duties include overseeing patient care, directing of nursing staff, and making certain decisions in the areas of management or budget. This professional makes hiring decisions, coordinates meetings, and sets work schedules.

To be successful as a nurse manager, you will need outstanding leadership, interpersonal, and organisational skills. Nurse managers enjoy an excellent salary. Job examples: associate nurse manager, associate nurse unit manager, clinical nurse manager, nurse manager, nurse manager staffing , nurse unit manager.

They assess and manage patients, prescribing medications, providing referrals, and ordering diagnostic tests. Job examples: nurse practitioner, nurse practitioner - acute care team, nurse practitioner - community palliative care team, nurse practitioner - emergency department, primary care nurse practitioner. If you already have a degree, you can enroll in the Master of Nursing Graduate Entry program.

They earn an excellent median annual salary. Job examples: registered nurse, registered nurse - cardiovascular unit, registered nurse - emergency department, registered nurse - medical imaging. Nutrition Nutrition professionals helps people manage what foods we eat, drinks we drink, and supplements we take. Good nutrition is essential for prevention and recovery from conditions such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. You can pursue a nutrition career in food and beverage industries, by helping deliver public health programs, and in client and patient care such as medical services in hospitals.

Dietitian Dietitians understand the ways that food and drink affect the body. They help people who are already healthy stay well-nourished. They also people with medical conditions use nutrition knowledge to improve their health and well-being. If you do, you can complete an accredited postgraduate program. Some of the areas in which dietitians can find employment include food service and management; hospitals and patient care; research and teaching; and community nutrition and public health.

You could also have a private practice or consultancy. Job examples: clinical dietitian, dietitian, dietitian casual , dietician advanced - nutrition and dietetics, dietitian - senior cancer care , dietitian - senior clinical , senior clinical dietitian, senior clinical dietitian, senior dietitian. One example of a setting in which nutrition assistants might be found is the hospital.

In hospitals, nutrition assistants carry out duties related to the provision of proper nutrition and menu selection to patients. Job examples: health and lifestyle coordinator, nutrition assistant. Nutritionist Nutritionists help people by advising them on food choices, facilitating better health by making them better informed.

Begin your path to a career as a nutritionist by completing a university degree in a field such as nutrition or food sciences. Some of the fields in which nutritionists may find work include food technology, quality and nutrition coordination, community development, public health, nutrition research, and nutrition advising.

Job example: nutritionist Pharmacy Pharmacists are health practitioners with a chemistry bent. As a pharmacist, you become part of a very large industry that's concerned with preparing and dispensing drugs. Community Pharmacist Community pharmacy is the most popular area for new pharmacists. Community pharmacists are pharmacists that most of us think of when we think about the occupation. A common goal for these professionals is to own their own pharmacy.

Community pharmacists provide not only general pharmacy services but also health education and medication counselling. You also need to have Individual Professional Indemnity Insurance at the approved level. Ongoing learning is an essential part of the job. For each month recording period during your career, it's necessary to complete at least the minimum requirement for continuing professional development. Job example: community pharmacist Hospital Pharmacist Hospital pharmacists are responsible for making sure that prescribed medications in a hospital setting are administered safely and effectively.

They oversee the use of medication overall and have duties such as managing medication interactions and adverse reactions, monitoring the progress and effectiveness of patient therapy, calculating dosages, and reviewing medication charts. They might provide education for other health professionals in the hospital. To a greater degree than in community pharmacy, you have opportunities to specialise and take on more senior roles.

Job examples: clinical pharmacist senior clinical pharmacist — surgery trauma , senior clinical pharmacist — perioperative medicine, Pharmaceutical Industry As a pharmacist, you could find job opportunities in pharmaceutical companies, in their marketing, sales, medical, and manufacturing departments.

If you want to work in clinical research, you should gain experience as a clinical trial coordinator or clinical trial administrator as well as knowledge of the drug development process. Job examples: formulations technologist, product specialist, pharmaceutical brand manager, medical information associate, quality coordinator, senior medical information associate, Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy technicians assist in the preparation and dispensing of medicines.

If you work in a hospital, you might deliver medicines to its wards. This program if offered by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Job examples: dispensary technician, pharmacy technician, pharmacy technician — grade 1. Physical Therapy The way we move is the concern of physical therapists.

Career opportunities are available wherever people need help to overcome disability, illness or injury that prevents them from achieving their full physical potential. Therapists use their knowledge of body mechanics, medicine and exercise to directly assist people to move better. Chiropractor Chiropractors also known as Doctors of Chiropractic focus on the relationship between the spine and nervous system.

They believe that understanding both structure and function are instrumental to ensuring the overall health of their patients. As the demand for healthcare services increases over the next decade, the demand for nurse practitioners is expected to increase by 45 percent to Physician Assistant — Not to be confused with medical assistants, physician assistants are highly trained health workers with advanced degrees who work closely with medical doctors to diagnose and treat illness.

The demand for physician assistants is expected to increase by 31 percent between and Physician — Becoming a physician carries a great deal of prestige and requires a significant investment of time and financial resources. But the tangible rewards in this field are also pronounced. It should be no surprise that this is among the top healthcare careers available. Most physicians require 11 to 15 years of postsecondary schooling and training. They also usually incur substantial student loan debts.

Registered Nurse — As of May , there were over three million registered nurse jobs in the US and that number is expected to swell 9 percent through the year Occupational Therapist — The BLS has noted that the demand for occupational therapists is expected to grow much faster than the average 8 percent at 17 percent by the year Home Health Aide — Not every health worker spends their days in a hospital or clinic.

Highly accessible, the educational requirement for home health aides is a high school diploma or an equivalency exam. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer — Diagnostic medical sonographers work closely with physicians but do not require nearly as much training, which means a faster track to employment. Demand for diagnostic medical sonographers is expected to grow 19 percent through , translating into ample opportunities for graduating students.

In response, the demand for licensed practical and vocational nurses is expected to climb, with nearly 63, 9 percent more jobs being added between and Physical Therapist Assistant — With the high demand and salary for PTs, it should come as no surprise that physical therapist assistants are not far behind.

Similar to LPNs, PTAs work under the guidance of a physical therapist to assist patients with mobility, physical wellness, and pain management. Dental Assistant — The field of dentistry is growing and dental assistants are in demand.

With no graduate degree requirements, this job is a relatively quick way to start working in dentistry. More importantly, , jobs are expected to be added to this profession by , meaning that there will be plenty of open positions in the next decade. Medical or Clinical Laboratory Technician — As medical technology expands, the need for trained professionals to maintain and interpret that technology grows.

That is why the demand for medical and clinical laboratory technicians is expected to increase by nearly 11 percent in the coming years. Pharmacist — While the need for pharmacists is expected to decrease between and , the salary is much higher than most.

Pharmacists are responsible for filling and dispensing medications, in addition to counseling patients on their use. Surgeon — A career in surgery is certainly not one to take on lightly. It requires years of schooling as well as specialized training. Radiologic technologists are expected to be in high demand, with 18, 9 percent increase expected positions added through Surgical Technologist — While we know that surgeons are well compensated, their assistants, who require much less school and fewer training hours, are also in demand.

The demand for surgical technologists, also known as operating room technicians, is expected to grow by at least 9 percent through the year Dentist — With more schooling required and less job growth expected 8 percent between to , dentistry is a bit lower ranked than a dental hygienist or dental assistant.

These life-saving health professionals are also in high demand with more than 28, 11 percent increase jobs expected to be added through the year With training required beyond high school non-degree , EMT and paramedic services may be a good career path for individuals contemplating a career in the medical field or who thrive on adrenaline and helping others in crisis. Nursing Assistant — In another instance of nursing skills being in high demand, more than , new nursing assistant jobs are expected to be added to the field by the year Employment is projected to grow 8 percent from to Family Physician or General Practitioner — A physician does not have to be highly specialized to be in demand with an enviable salary.

Family medicine physicians have an expected growth of 5 percent through Speech-language Pathologists — Also known as speech therapists, speech-language pathologists are certainly in demand with an expected growth rate of 29 percent through Occupational Therapy Assistant — With an expected growth of 34 percent through , occupational therapy assistants are one of the most in-demand careers in healthcare. Anesthesiologist — The only physician specialty that is higher paid, on average, than general surgery is anesthesiology.

While the overall demand is less than some other healthcare careers, the high salary was important when ranking this job. Medical Records or Health Information Technician — Not all health professions involve a high degree of patient contact. Medical records and health information technicians work to organize and manage health information data, usually far from patients. The demand for these professionals is expected to grow at least 9 percent through , with 28, new jobs being added during that period.

Nurse Anesthetist — Just as anesthesiologists are in high demand and command high salaries, nurse anesthetists are also needed around the country. They administer anesthesia and provide care before, during, and after therapeutic, surgical, obstetrical, and diagnostic procedures. Employment is projected to grow 13 percent from to Cardiovascular Technologist or Technician — Another career that specializes in medical imaging is the cardiovascular technologist and technician career.

These professionals typically work full-time in hospitals, maintaining and running cardiovascular monitoring equipment. The demand for cardiovascular technologists and technicians is expected to grow 8 percent through This medical personnel withdraws blood or plasma from patients for a wide variety of purposes. Pharmacy Technician — A pharmacy technician is an assistant to a pharmacist with much less training.

As the need for prescription medications expands, so too does the demand for this particular career. About 16, jobs 4 percent increase for pharmacy technicians are expected to be added by Athletic Trainer — Athletic trainers prevent, diagnose, and treat bone and muscle illnesses and injuries. They work with people of all ages, from young children to professional athletes.

They work under physicians and other healthcare providers. About 7, jobs 23 percent increase for athletic trainers will be added by

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They can also talk to patients about preventative health. Surgeons take it a step further as they also diagnose conditions. However, they focus on treating specific injuries and operating on patients to repair broken bones, remove disease, etc. Not only do physicians and surgeons have some of the highest-paying jobs in the nation, but they also require the most intense schooling. In most cases, these positions require four years of an undergraduate program and four years of medical school.

If the individual chooses to have a specialty, it can take another years of additional schooling, including internships and residencies. Dentists Dentists help to diagnose and treat patients with oral conditions. Not only do they focus on teeth, gums, and surrounding areas, they also provide patients with information on how to properly practice oral hygiene. Dentists do everything from fill cavities to repair broken teeth.

Oral health has been linked to many different diseases of the body if not properly monitored. For that reason, dentistry is becoming a more in-demand career. Another four years of dental school at an accredited institution is required. Dentists must also pass a licensing exam before practicing. These license requirements vary from state to state. Pharmacists Pharmacists are an integral part of the medical industry. They provide prescription medications to patients as recommended by a doctor.

They can also advise patients on how to safely take certain medications without adverse effects. Pharmacists can also answer questions about certain over-the-counter medications, or offer general information on how to live a healthier life.

In addition to helping patients, Pharmacists can also advise Physicians. They can help general healthcare practitioners when it comes to proper dosage requirements, interactions, and side effects of medications before they are prescribed to a patient. Here some easy-to-follow information on how to become a pharmacist. To become a pharmacist, you must obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy from a four-year institution.

Additional schooling and training will be required throughout your career to keep your license. Podiatrists Podiatrists can diagnose any problems with the feet, ankles, or lower legs. They diagnose through x-rays, lab tests, and other methods. They can offer treatment solution to any foot or leg ailments, and can even perform surgical operations on these extremities.

Podiatrists can treat everything from common foot problems like ingrown toenails and calluses to abnormal and more serious conditions of the lower limbs of the body. Most podiatrists will also take part in residencies or internships to start their careers. Podiatrists must be licensed to practice medicine in every single state. Nurse Anesthetists help Anesthesiologists with patients who need medical care during and after surgeries. They help to administer anesthesia during surgery.

Additionally, they stay with a patient through the complete procedure to ensure everything goes smoothly. Not only do they need to make sure the body is continuously functioning properly before, during, and after a procedure, but they attempt to make the transition out of anesthesia as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Nurse Midwives offer prenatal care to pregnant women and can provide family planning services to those who need it. These services include everything from prenatal planning to gynecological exams. They also can deliver babies , and help with postpartum care. Nurse Practitioners can be primary care providers for patients, instead of a physician. How does a Nurse Practitioner differ from a Physician? They promote positive health and can diagnose health conditions for their patients.

However, their main focus is on prevention and health education. These are all specialized nursing positions. They all require advanced Masters Degrees for each job. Optometrists Optometrists examine and take care of issues affecting the eyes. They can treat problems with vision and diagnose different conditions and diseases associated with the visual system. Their range of expertise goes from medical conditions of the eyes to ensuring patients can achieve optimal vision through different aides.

Becoming an Optometrist requires a four-year Doctoral or Professional degree. As an Optometrist, you can also decide on a specialty during your training. Some of these specialized sections of the practice include low vision rehabilitation, geriatric optometry, pediatric optometry, and more. Physician Assistants Physician Assistants work directly with Physicians and Surgeons to help diagnose and treat patients with various conditions and health concerns.

They have the authority to order blood work and X-rays, and can also prescribe medication to patients. In some cases, they can interpret medical tests. They must be supervised by a licensed physician. Physical Therapists Physical Therapists help patients to regain mobility.

They work with patients who have been in accidents or have experienced some illness that has limited their mobility. The role of a Physical Therapist is to help that patient return to their daily activities. They can also help patients who have difficulty moving to reduce their pain with exercises and treatments.

You may be the person who announces to your patients the exciting news that they are pregnant, or you may take pictures of muscles, joints, and other organs. This ranges from straightforward walkers to complex machines, such as MRI machines. Most of these jobs are in hospitals. Although most of these jobs are day shifts, throughout the week, there may be times when needed during off-peak hours or on weekends.

A Medical Equipment Repairer is one of the high-paying medical jobs that does not require a degree but a little schooling. The career prospects for medical device repair technicians are good as they are expected to grow in the next ten years.

Why is it Important for Doctor of Osteopathic? Job Description As a Medical Equipment Repairer, you can be the person responsible for troubleshooting problems, as well as the person responsible for solving the problem. The tools you will use as a medical equipment repair technician will vary. You may only need a simple screwdriver to tighten a few screws. Or you may need complex computer software, especially when working on larger diagnostic machines, such as MRI scanners and CT scanners.

You can also choose to specialize in a team area. You will work with other technicians, nurses, and doctors in this career. You may meet patients while you are working. Many job opportunities will offer on-the-job training as it is a hospital job that does not require a degree.

Job Description You may be responsible for preparing the operating room, ensuring the doctor has all the necessary tools, and preparing the patient for surgery once in the operating room. In this healthcare career, you may also be responsible for handing out tools to surgeons, cutting sutures, moving lights, and tracking surgical items. Once the surgery is complete, it may be the person who takes the patient to the recovery room or their room.

Also, it can be the person who cleans the operating room after the surgery. Surgical technologists are one of the high-paying medical jobs that do not require a degree but little schooling. Job prospects for nurses are excellent! It is expected to grow faster than average in the next ten years and it is one of the jobs in the medical field that pays well.

You can also do simple tasks like cleaning wounds and changing bandages. You can talk to your patients or caregivers about proper home care. Your specific duties may vary depending on the company you choose to work for. Features will also vary considerably, depending on the needs of your patients.

Registered Nurse is one of the high-paying medical jobs that does not require a degree but little schooling. You may also choose to work for yourself in this position. Keep in mind that this job can be competitive because job forecasts are falling. Medical Transcriptionist is one of the high-paying medical jobs that does not require a degree but little schooling.

Job Description As a medical transcriptionist, also known as a medical documentation specialist, your main task is to listen to voice recordings created by doctors or medical personnel and create a written report. You may not be doing the transcription in this area, as some doctors use voice recognition programs.

However, your main task may be to review these notes to ensure they are correct. Because it will work with blood, cross-contamination and other medical problems can easily occur. Although this is a hospital job that does not require a degree. Attending a vocational school will provide you with the training you need to land a job and receive a post-secondary diploma certificate without a diploma.

However, a phlebotomist is one of the high-paying medical jobs that does not require a degree but little schooling. You can do this for blood tests or blood transfusions. However, you may also need to insert intravenous catheters into patients.