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Download the Goodwall App You'll be able to register on web soon! For now, download our app on your mobile device for the best experience! This list of the best weekend jobs has some great ideas! December 1, Looking for ideas on the best weekend jobs? And, each job includes the median US salary or hourly wage statistics, general experience needed to land the job, and the expected job growth over the next decade.

Looking to Land Your Dream Job? Sign up to Goodwall! Bartender Bars experience high traffic on weekends. Sports bars are very busy around weekend sporting events like college and professional football. Wedding and event venues will also provide weekend-based opportunities. Bartenders need to have knowledge regarding mixing drinks, a lively personality, good listening abilities, and customer service skills.

They earn most of their income from tips, so there is a wide range of potential compensation based on customer volume. Golf Caddy Most golf courses experience high levels of weekend traffic. Caddying opportunities are mainly available during the warmer seasons in areas with temperate winter weather but can be year-round in states like Florida and Arizona. It helps to have first-hand knowledge of equipment and how to approach different holes.

Physical stamina is required to walk courses and carry clubs. Income for caddies varies greatly based on the level of the course and golfer, and the tips received. Registered Nurse There is a high demand for registered nurses to supplement regular staff and to work weekends.

Weekends are a prime time for customers to seek tax assistance. Tax preparers interview clients to extract information about income and expenses and seek to maximize deductions. Tax preparers consult with senior staff regarding complex tax issues. Editors proofread writing, correct grammar, and modify writing to enhance readability.

Much of this work could be done on weekends around a worker's or student's weekday commitments. Web Designer Web designers analyze the needs of businesses, individuals, and other entities to represent their operations to the public through the internet. They create web pages using coding and formatting tools.

Web designers incorporate content, graphics, and video into websites. They must have a strong knowledge of desktop web authoring tools, as well as writing and graphic design skills. Some freelance designers partner with writers and graphic designers to complete projects. Much of this development work can be conducted on the weekend, perhaps except for some communication with prospective and ongoing clients. Customer Service Representative Customer service representatives communicate with customers over the phone or online to solve problems with products or to educate consumers about the effective use of products and services.

Technical support workers educate users regarding the use of computers, software, and related products and services. Customer service representatives need to be patient with disgruntled customers and have strong listening , verbal communication, and problem-solving skills. Weekends are a peak time for consumers to receive support regarding products and services. Graphic Designer Graphic designers create visual aspects of web pages, brochures, logos, packaging, advertisements, reports, and presentations.

They translate the ideas of clients into viable designs. Graphic designers must possess creative abilities, aesthetic sensibility, and expertise in working with desktop design programs. Web development and writing skills are helpful if the designer is working without partners.

Freelance designers carry out much of the design work completed in the U. Designers can work from home on the weekend. Ski Instructor Ski resorts experience peak traffic on weekends and need an expanded roster of instructors to meet demand. Ski instructors assess skiers' abilities, as well as explain and demonstrate an appropriate technique to enhance performance.

They must be patient, socially engaging, and have strong communication skills. Knowledge of first aid is helpful. Ski instructors typically have advanced expertise as a skier, and certification may be required.

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