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Target applications for job

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While all Target jobs offer competitive employee wages, each role differs when it comes to earnings. Long-term, full-time Target careers often result in higher pay, though many employees start off working entry-level jobs. Team members with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic excel at this Target job. Cashier Cashiers assist customers with purchases, scan items at registers, handle cash, and maintain a clean workspace.

Depending on store needs, cashiers also help bring shopping carts inside and greet customers at the door. Guest Advocate Guest Advocates help customers find items throughout the store, assist with self-checkout sales, greet customers as they enter the store, and retrieve carts from the parking lot. Available positions appear on the Target job search portal. From there, hopefuls fill in the necessary information on the online form and submit it for review.

However, applicants looking for Target jobs in a distribution center must be at least 18 years of age. Target Guest Advocate In this position, you are responsible for a variety of responsibilities. Your job is to make their shopping experience an easy one. For example, one moment you may be helping them find a specific product. Shortly after, you may be helping them at the self-check-out counter.

You also need to be able to pay attention to detail and be able to multi-task. This position also requires you to be able to lift from lbs. This also depends on how many hours you work every week. Target Specialty Sales Here, you will be in charge of displaying and selling merchandise while providing solutions to customers. You will be working with other employees as a team in the Apparel and Accessories and Beauty and Tech departments.

The atmosphere for these types of jobs is meant to be fun, exciting, and fast-paced. You will be selling products and also stocking and setting up displays as you see fit. For this position, there is plenty of training available. However, the position requires someone with strong knowledge in their respective departments. Target Food Service Team Leader There are Pizza Huts and Starbucks in some Target stores and this is where you come in; this position is all about providing food service to customers.

The food service department maintains adequate food inventory and replenishes it whenever necessary. You will establish sales goals, maintain a clean and safe food area in the back of the house, and manage your team members. The requirements for the foodservice team leader are: a high school diploma G.

Target Applications Online for Distribution Jobs Target has a variety of warehouse positions: Operations — you control all the packages coming in and out of the warehouse facilities. With that said, there are stores that are open much later than the hours just described.

No, there are no printable Target job applications. What is the Minimum Age to Work at Target? You must be at least 16 years old to fill out a job application for Target. Additionally, if you are under the age of 18, expect to only land a part-time position until you are an adult.

Management positions require past retail experience and a certain level of education. If you are going to apply for one of these positions, you must be well prepared just as in any other professional salaried job application. Still, you must meet the requirements listed on the official careers website. How to Apply For a Job at Target The official Target careers website is loaded with information that can benefit you while you are trying to apply.

Figure out if there are any potential positions that match what you want to do. Take note of the requirements for your desired positions and make sure you can match them. Visit the store you want to work at and try your best to meet someone in management. If it seems too difficult, think about approaching a cashier or other worker. If you are able to speak with a manager, introduce yourself. Make a great first impression by showing off your wonderful personality.

Let that person know how excited you are to be able to apply and hopefully be considered for a job. Ask that manager how to apply. Or they may say to go home and apply online. However, they might be so impressed, that they will give you any other helpful information such as telling you to call them once your application is submitted. Either way, create a profile on the official Target careers website and submit your application.

Once you have sent in your application, wait no more than two weeks without getting a call back in order to call them and ask about the application you turned in two weeks ago. This time, really come prepared! Show up looking very professional and ask to speak with someone in management once again.

If you already have a solid contact at the store, ask that person if he or she is working on that day! Politely ask the manager if someone can check the status of your application. Then, hand them a business card with your name and email on it. Ask that person to please keep you in mind if a position becomes available. How to Get Hired at Target How to get a job at Target relies on being more aggressive than the next person.

In other words, imagine how many people apply to this major retail chain every single day. Now, imagine how difficult it is for the designated people trying to pick winning prospective employees from hundreds and thousands of applicants. If you are able to put your name at the top of the pile by networking and meeting the right people, you will gain a tremendous advantage over everybody else.

So, follow the above-mentioned tips to get your foot in the door much sooner than the average person.

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Browse available job openings at TARGET. Search for job opportunities and internships with Target stores, supply chain facilities and headquarters. Search for local hourly jobs at Target stores and learn how to apply.