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The definition of job atlanta local jobs

The definition of job

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See Synonyms at task. Informal A difficult or strenuous task: It's a real job getting people to help out at these events. A specific piece of work to be done for a set fee: an expensive repair job. The object to be worked on: Those overgrown shrubs are a big job. Something resulting from or produced by work: I like the job they did on those shrubs. An operation done to improve one's appearance, or the result of such an operation.

Often used in combination: a face job. Computers A program application that may consist of several steps but is performed as a single logical unit. Informal A state of affairs: Their marriage was a bad job from the start. It's a good job that we left early to avoid the traffic. Informal A criminal act, especially a robbery: a bank job. Informal An example of a specified type, especially of something made or constructed. Often used in combination: a new building that is just another glass and steel job; a cowboy hat that is one of those ten-gallon jobs.

For some of them, you need a university degree. We call all other positions unskilled jobs. You do not need any formal qualifications for them. Examples include fruit pickers, maids, janitors, retail assistants, farm laborers, cleaners, etc. Many CEOs of giant multinationals have no college degrees. In fact, many of them started off at the bottom of the employment ladder and worked their way up. Others went into business and became extremely successful and rich. He has dyslexia and performed badly as a student.

In fact, his Headmaster Robert Drayson predicted that Branson would either end up in jail or become a millionaire. Joblessness means unemployment. When somebody does not have a job and is actively looking for one, we say they are unemployed. During a recession, the number of jobs declines, while unemployment increases. Is a vocation a job? A vocation is a type of job to which an individual is especially drawn.

Originally, the term was used just for religious callings. However, today we consider many several non-religious occupations as vocations. For example, teaching or medicine are vocations. For example, an entrepreneur might have a vocation as a Sunday school teacher or a youth sponsor. According to urbandictionary. In a part-time job, however, the working week is much shorter.

The number of part-time jobs in the advanced economies has increased considerably since the turn of the century. Specifically, they have increased as a percentage of total jobs. Jobs can also be categorized as self-employment, consulting, odd jobs, seasonal, temporary, or contract.

Most people receive money for the work they do. Examples of unpaid jobs include interns, students, homemakers, and caregivers UK: carers of family members. Mentors and volunteers are also examples of unpaid work. There are thousands of different types of jobs. The Daily Mirror surprised its readers with a list of the five most dangerous jobs in Britain: 1.

Refuse collectors. Garage Workers.