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But one question you may still be asking is what are the highest-paid nurse practitioner specialties? Hopefully, this list of the 63 highest-paying nurse practitioner jobs for will give you the answers you need and help you decide which job suits your passions and your career goals. That gives you a huge scope of practice, because you may treat patients with chronic diseases like hypertension and congenital heart disease, or children with congenital heart defects like Tetralogy of Fallot.

And whether you work in an outpatient clinic or at an acute hospital, you will not only have an exciting career but one that provides critical care to others. Why Cardiology NPs are Highly Paid The level of responsibility that you have in this specialty makes it one of the most highly compensated NP specialties. Gain Nursing Experience Some nurses may choose to skip this step and go right into enrolling in a graduate program, while others choose to get a few years of experience under their belt before continuing their education.

Some institutions offer doctoral degrees like Doctor of Nursing Practice DNP programs, which is the highest level of nursing education available. Earn Your Advanced Practice Nursing Licensure in Practical Nursing The specifics for NP licensure are set by the individual states, which means that you will have to search the requirements to become an NP in the state that you plan to work in.

There is also talk of a national model for NP licensure, but currently, it does vary from state-to-state. You can view complete state-by-state requirements to become an NP here and be sure to check with the school you plan on attending. You've made it and now you're ready to find your first job as a nurse practitioner. You can work with a nurse recruiter or check out nursing job boards to help find the right position for you. Nurse practitioners have several different schooling options depending on where they're starting out and what degree they want to obtain.

MSNs might be better for nurses who are looking to specialize clinically, while a DNP may be the better choice if you're looking to get into a leadership position. Those are not hard and fast rules, however; ultimately, the decision depends on the type of education you want. There has also been the talk of changing the requirements for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses from an MSN to a DNP, so that is a consideration as well if you are planning your education advancement further into the future.

NPs are health care providers that can prescribe medication, examine patients, order diagnostic tests, diagnose illnesses, and provide treatment, much like physicians do. Their experience as working nurses gives them a unique approach to patient care, while their advanced studies qualify them to take on additional duties that are usually left to physicians.

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