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Side job at home

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Computer and IT skills courses are especially in demand, according to FlexJobs. Some clients are willing to pay top dollar for fashion help and will even ask their personal shoppers to select entire wardrobes for different seasons. These professionals are hired to develop curricula and teaching guides.

Duties can include setting up meetings, responding to emails, tracking appointments and more. These professionals are hired by an organization to review its processes and provide advice to improve its performance. According to FlexJobs, IT is a particularly lucrative field for consultants.

NetSuite administrators can perform a number of tasks including creating custom fields, reports and KPIs; developing workflows; and designing and implementing NetSuite solutions. Seek out freelance positions that take advantage of these skills, such as overseeing timelines, tracking budgets and coordinating team members. This job will require preparing statements and audits, documenting transactions and performing end-of-month tasks.

To earn the high salary of a senior accountant, you typically need five years of experience, according to FlexJobs. These individuals create campaigns, develop strategies and write social media content. These developers create and edit themes, set up and utilize plugins, and write code. Writing and proofreading Are you that person everyone goes to to quickly proofread an important email or social media post? As well as being a smarty-pants, you could be well suited to a bit of proofreading or writing on the side!

While it would be awkward to start charging your friends or coworkers, you could certainly make some money by offering your services proofreading essays and CVs. Beyond proofreading, you may want to look into freelance writing. You could start by publishing a blog, or helping someone write their CV, depending on your area of expertise and interest. Streaming and influencer marketing A surprising number of people will pay to watch other people play video games online.

People find it very entertaining. Even with a fan base in the thousands, you can generate small amounts of income through paid promotions and posts. While streaming and influencer marketing are among the least direct ways to generate money in your pocket, as there are a number of middle-men that take a cut along the way, it can be possible, and it could be a path for you to consider. Are you artistic? Get creative! Are you an avid photographer? Have you got a knack for helping people find their style?

Take that creative skill to the next level by turning a hobby into a hustle. Any number of artistic talents can be turned into a side job that generates a bit of income. You may find that in time, your love of textiles and fashion turns into a lucrative personal shopping or styling career. Or that those songs you write alone in your bedroom could be turned into an album that you sell online. Set up an Etsy shop and sell those little crochet toys you love to make!

Artistic and creative pursuits can be perfect as side jobs. Did someone say… tax? The good news is that you may also be able to claim some expenses against your VAT or taxable income. Check what expenses you can claim using our handy expenses calculator. We can help! Download Accountable now to keep track of all your deadlines, expenses, invoices, and for help with tax returns. With Accountable he wants to solve all those challenges related to taxes.

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