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Of course, not everyone has aspirations of getting rich. But if you already have the skills and you possess a desire to maximize your earning potential, there are several welding jobs that can earn you six-figure salaries. To get to the top of the pay scale for welding, it will require specialization and years of experience, but you can achieve your dreams of a high-paying welding job with any of the following 11 choices.

Well, quite a lot actually. The following are some of the major differences that help account for such discrepancies between salaries. The more of these included in the job description, the higher pay you can expect from that particular branch of the industry. Image Credit By: gabrielroma, pixabay Qualifications and Certifications Most welders possess some sort of certification to verify their education in the field.

But the welders who earn the highest paychecks often have the most certifications. Not just numbers though, they generally have taken the time to learn and earn the most difficult certifications that require a lot of time, energy, and skill to get. These require the attendance of specialty schools and can cost quite a bit of money along the way. But schooling and education are only part of the process. These tests can be very difficult and require extensive knowledge of many processes since mistakes in the real world can be catastrophic.

The extra risk means you need extra skills, which is what the best employers are willing to pay for. No, the best jobs in the welding field will require a myriad of certifications, often from different regulating bodies. Of course, that schooling can be very expensive.

Many of these programs cost tens of thousands of dollars and will require months of full-time study to complete. With ever-changing regulations and techniques that you need to keep up on, your education is never really done. The occupations have their peculiarities and responsibilities. To attend the well-paid maritime or offshore job, the candidate should have the special preparation including the educational document and sufficient physical health.

Both the maritime and offshore jobs are meant the high level reliability of the crew members. That is why it is rational to highlight all key points of onboard occupations and offshore ones. All kinds of maritime offers - the full list of variants for job candidates The designees should know well the types of the maritime jobs in order to select the optimal long-time occupation or the seasonal one.

It is possible to get an appointment in different sectors - the main ones are following: the engine room; the deck The engineering department jobs That is why there are two big departments onboard - the engineering and deck ones. Each of them has the own list of jobs to attend. The engineering crew consists of the Chief who often is named as the Chief Engineer. He is responsible for all engineering crew members.

The main task of the Chief Engineer is to control the execution of all tasks by his subordinates in the engine room. This job is suitable only for designees with the profile education and the big experience onboard on the certain position. To gain the career of the Chief of the engineer department is possible after successful work as the rank-and-file employee for a long-term basis.

Often these positions are occupied by the Oilers or Wipers. The engineers should be presented onboard of each vessel - it does not matter if it is the cruise liner, or the merchant one. It makes the engineering department occupations as the jobs of the high demand.

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There are 20 jobs matching welding in Japan. WeXpats Jobs is a job search site for foreigners living in Japan. By searching jobs by your Japanese level. Welder jobs available on Apply to Welder, Fabricator/welder, Ironworker and more! The 22 Types of Welding Jobs · 1. Tack Welder · 2. Welder/Fitter · 3. Welder Helper · 4. TIG Welder · 5. Welder Instructor · 6. Pipe Welder · 7.