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The population of San Diego, CA was estimated to be 1, in Minimum Wage The State of California enforces different minimum wages in some districts. The city of San Diego may be in a district with a different minimum wage than this. Additionally, the city served as a home for several military bases and naval air stations, which increased in size after World War II.

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Job night shift

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You will also receive notifications for new job updates. With over 10, jobs getting added every day, find the latest vacancies and apply fast. How can I find jobs on Apna app? Why should I download the Apna app? They are also a great way for people to get back to pursuing their education again while working at night. Some people might prefer working at night due to lesser distractions and increased productivity, and also a better work-life balance with free day-time hours.

As fewer people generally opt for night shifts, you will have less competition, to begin with. Night shift jobs are a great way for people to try out a different profession which they might even want to shift to full-time. If you are someone who is weighing out the pros and cons of getting a night shift job, keep reading for some useful information that might help you with your job search.

Benefits of a night duty job Working a night shift job has several key benefits as opposed to working full-time during the day. PeopleSoft Confidence in verbal and written communication in English. Experience of working with hourly paid employees.

Someone who can work independently; multitask, organise and prioritise workloads and meet strict deadlines. Attention to detail is a must together with comfort handling a wide range of data including sensitive and personal information. Maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality, and ensuring the integrity of HR records and conduct.

Being a trusted and professional ambassador for HR and Leadership team. An enthusiastic individual who is keen to learn and flexible in approach. Amazon is an equal opportunities employer. We believe passionately that employing a diverse workforce is central to our success.

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Job night shift PeopleSoft Confidence in verbal and written communication in English. An enthusiastic individual who is keen click learn and flexible in approach. Maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality, and ensuring the integrity of HR records and conduct. So, as we continue to grow, we job night shift to work as smart as we can to support all our team members which is why we are now introducing this role within the HR Team supporting our Delivery Station teams job night shift the UK. Thanks apna app!

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It can be a wonderful job if you like moving and like some solitude. Warehouse workers need to be strong and will have some on-the-job training. How to Get a Night Shift Job Getting a night shift job can be just like getting any other job, depending on the position you are looking at. Jobs that require training or a degree will still require that even though it is now during the night. The same job application process applies.

Either submit a resume or fill out an application and then have an interview. You may have to demonstrate certain skills for bakery jobs or bartending to make it to the employment stage. There will be some interview questions about why you want to work the night shift.

Be honest if you have a particular reason like school during the day or your spouse also works the night shift. Be sure to stress any skills you may have that make you suitable for night shift work. Maybe you enjoy sleeping during the day or need little sleep to function.

Perhaps you like working alone or when it is quiet. Night shift jobs are not suitable for everyone. There are both advantages and challenges to working the night shift, but there are ways to make it work if night shift work is what you want. Here are some issues with night shift work and how it can work out: Family Time You may think family dynamics will suffer if working a night shift. If you have young children and both parents work a night shift, that could happen.

However, one spouse working a night shift can easily work out. You will leave after dinner and return in time to have breakfast with your children, to sleep while your spouse and kids are off to work and school. Health Effects It is rumored that working night shifts can be bad for your health because you are working against the body's instinct to sleep at night.

While it may not be natural, with enough day sleep, eating well and staying fit, working at night should not be hard on your body. You will be missing some much-needed vitamin D during the daytime hours, but there are supplements that you can take to counteract that.

Sleep Issues Not everyone can sleep during the day and work at night for various reasons. There may be other family members home during the day, too many distractions, the desire to be awake when it is daylight or simply the inability to sleep well during the day. Those who work the night shift are usually not working a job that allows them to relax and rest.

Therefore, a good night's sleep is required before reporting for duty. It helps relieve the pressure of your circadian rhythm to go to sleep and will help with your memory, alertness, blood pressure and mood. If you are unable to sleep during the day, night shift work may not be for you. Social Life For young people, this could be a deal-breaker. It can be hard to have a social life when you sleep during the daylight hours and are working during the night when friends and family are likely to get together.

However, if you value meeting up with friends during the day rather than at night, you might find you prefer being free to go out when the shops are open. Great for Introverts Night shift work can be great for those who do not like dealing with people in many facets of their day. They can choose a job that may leave them working alone or with few people. Once they are done work and need to do some errands, the stores are much less crowded, as are the roads home.

Top Tips for Night Shift Workers If you are thinking of taking on a night shift job, there are some tips that can help you get off to a good start. Get Adjusted Plan your week ahead and work out a routine. This will cause less stress for you and your family and allow you to fit extras into your life in the best way. Let others know of your new schedule so you are not dealing with calls and messages during the day or constant invitations to things you cannot attend.

Make sure your family is prepared and is not looking to rely on you when you need to be sleeping. Stay Healthy Plan some meals ahead of time and have them prepared. Try to avoid the trap of buying fast food at work or raiding the vending machines for snacks. Bringing healthy meals from home will also help you save money.

Make time for exercise in your schedule, especially if your job does not involve much moving around. Sleep Well It is not so much to get enough sleep but to also make sure your sleep is quality sleep. Sleeping during the day means you may need to make some adjustments to your sleeping area. Invest in some blackout blinds to keep the sun out and turn off any distracting electronic devices.

If you have a family at home or share a residence, ensure that they understand your daytime hours are for sleeping and not to be interrupted. Try to stay on a schedule and sleep and wake at the same time each day. Make Time for Social Life For many, social life is very important.

While many get-togethers do take place at night, not everything does. And if it doesn't, suggest some alternatives of your own. They respond to emergencies and assess the condition of sick and injured patients. They provide emergency care and consult remotely with doctors about complex situations. EMTs safely transport patients to healthcare facilities as warranted. Job Requirements: Paramedics and EMTs complete post-secondary programs in emergency medical technology.

Some paramedics require an associate's degree. Advanced-level paramedics complete programs requiring 1, hours of instruction. Security Guard Night watch security guards are tasked with securing facilities at all hours of the day and night. Security guards must patrol the premises where they work and monitor activity. They screen visitors and make sure that dangerous materials are not allowed into facilities.

Security guards monitor visual feeds of activity, detain violators, and write reports about violations. Job Requirements: Security guards usually have a high school diploma. Supervisors and managers often have an associate's or bachelor's degree with coursework in law enforcement or criminal justice. Retired law enforcement professionals often gravitate to positions in the security field.

Ridesharing service drivers are constantly rated by customers based on the quality of their interactions with passengers and level of customer service. Job Requirements: Drivers are evaluated for their driving history and must have relatively clean records to be hired.

They need a valid driver's license and in some locations, a special license. There are also minimum insurance requirements. Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide Nursing assistants and home health aides are needed around the clock in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and in patients' homes.

They monitor and measure vital signs and observe the health state of patients. Nursing assistants and home health aides bathe, feed, and change patients and help them perform other activities of daily life. Job Requirements: Nursing assistants complete a state-approved education program and pass a state competency exam. Home health aides typically participate in short-term on-the-job training.

Hotel and Resort Front Desk Clerk Hotel and resort front desk clerks greet and register patrons, answer questions about reservations, inform lodgers about the amenities of their establishments, respond to requests from patrons for items, and resolve problems with accommodation. Front desks must be staffed at all hours, so evening and overnight positions are often available.

Job Requirements: Positions at the front desk usually require only a high school diploma. On-the-job training is provided. Freelance Writer Freelance writers develop content for online and print publications. Though they may have deadlines or need to interact with editors during traditional business hours, most of their work can be carried out during evenings, overnight, or on weekends.

Customer Service Representative Consumers of all types of products and services demand access to customer service support during evenings, nights, and weekends. Cable companies, insurance entities, investment companies, banks, and telecommunications companies are common employers of after-hours customer service representatives. Knowledge-intensive positions that deal with technical, business, or investment products may require a bachelor's degree in that particular area.

They screen visitors regarding the urgency of their concerns and call medical staff if immediate intervention is required. Intake specialists secure information about health insurance and other background information to establish a patient record. They distribute and explain forms for patients to complete regarding privacy, liability, and other issues. Evening, overnight, and weekend shifts are often available because most of these facilities are open 24 hours a day. Job Requirements: A high school diploma is required and on-the-job training is often provided.

Residential Counselor Residential counselors supervise troubled young people, persons with special needs, substance abusers, and others who require monitoring and support in overnight facilities such as group homes. They observe behavior and report changes or concerns to professional staff.

They also model appropriate communication, intercede to diffuse conflicts, and provide emotional support. Colleges and private high schools hire resident assistants to monitor and support students in residence halls. Evening, overnight, and weekend shifts are available because residents need care and supervision around the clock. College coursework in human services, social work, or psychology is desirable. Article Sources Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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