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Training and resources are provided to help you succeed as a VA. Although no college degree is mentioned, you must have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Sales skills are an added advantage. The team is comprised of English-speaking, skilled professionals who are located globally, enabling the company to serve its clientele around the clock.

They provide training to help you enhance your skillset further. VAs are paid every other week. Points Worth Mentioning They accept applications from English-speaking countries only. You must commit to at least 4 hours per day, Monday through Friday. You must agree to not work for other clients outside of Contemporary VA. You need to be responsive, dependable and well-organized. You must be proficient in working with computers. Working for Ns Virtual Assistance They offer almost all VA-related services to their clients, including administrative services, customer support, digital marketing, bookkeeping, designing, project management, and so forth.

Points Worth Mentioning They hire worldwide but prefer candidates from English-as-a-first-language countries. Multi-talented VAs with experience in multiple domains are given preference. Almost all major companies have profiles listed on this portal and often check LinkedIn when hiring VAs. How Much Can You Earn? Points Worth Mentioning It is a professional network, so complete your profile before applying for jobs.

You can sign up for the one-month premium feature, which will provide you with extra search features and the ability to email another LinkedIn user directly, even if you are not connected. Create your profile on Freelancer. It has many categories, so visit the category that matches your skillset.

Almost all jobs are remote. You can also work on a per project basis. Points Worth Mentioning Complete your profile before applying for jobs. Some of the posted jobs are fake and have been put up just to acquire bids from freelancers or as phishing attempts. Thus, you should work only with reputable clients with good amounts of feedback on the platform. Create your profile on Peopleperhour. Although the platform provides fewer jobs to apply to every day than other platforms, the jobs posted here pay a decent amount.

Businesses post all sorts of vacancies on Indeed. It also curates content from other sources. Visit Indeed. Try terms like remote, work from home, virtual and so on to obtain the best results. It depends on the company that hires you. Points Worth Mentioning Always send your updated resume. Apply for multiple positions at once. Visit Remote. You can also search via your area of specialization, for example, digital marketing. Your pay depends on the company that hires you.

Points Worth Mentioning Maintain versions of your resume and cycle through them while applying. This might bring you better results. Visit Weworkremotely. You can search via your area of specialization as well. Points Worth Mentioning Jobs come with their own location requirements. While a lot of them allow you to work remotely, there are various other jobs that expect you to work full-time from a certain location. Thus, cross-check the requirements before applying.

However, this fee also keeps spam at bay. It is great for beginners since there are many entry-level projects. Create your profile on guru. It has many categories, so visit the category that best matches your skillset. Points Worth Mentioning This is a highly professional platform. Vicky Vicky provides businesses with VAs specifically for handling secretarial duties such as front desk phone calls. If you want to apply to work with Vicky, applicants with skills such as computer proficiency, the ability to be helpful and friendly on the phone even when a customer is upset or angry , organization skills and a willingness to learn new things daily.

Time etc Time etc. They particularly provide VA jobs for those who need a more flexible position or part-time work hours. With a Glassdoor rating of 4. To be a competitive candidate, you will need to have at least 5 years of work experience, you need to be based in the US, have access to a computer with internet, and have great organizational skills.

Team Delegate Team Delegate has been in business for over 17 years and offers work from home positions for both virtual assistants and bookkeeping positions. Those who are looking to apply as an executive virtual assistant, they prefer to work with those who are well organized and know now to organize a calendar, provide travel arrangements, social media management, invoicing, client care, newsletter management and even email management. They know that costs can be cut, and work can be done more efficiently with modern technology and the ability to hire remote workers.

The types of VA jobs they hire for are for both executive assistants and legal assistants. Their team of VAs seeks to hire entrepreneurs who have a strong professional background that wants to work for a company invested in building your career and success.

They look for those with at least two years of experience in either executive assistance or legal assistance, that have proficiency in Microsoft Office and general business software as well as great organizational and problem-solving skills. The job duties entail administrative assistance and clerical work for company executives. Furthermore, they look for people who are good at managing email inboxes, calendar management and scheduling, priority project management and coordination, executive travel preferences, travel budget and travel coordination as well as attend meetings and provide action items and meeting agenda.

Hello Rache Hello Rache specializes in providing virtual assistants specifically to the healthcare industry. They need VAs who are trained medical professionals with an understanding of the industry and the needs of different medical businesses. They offer great pay rates, free training and certification, the ability to work from home. They seek a long-term relationship and look for those who have a passion about working in the medical field.

Requirements to apply for a VA position with Hello Rache include providing proof of education or training like a degree or certificate, valid government-issued ID, proficiency in Practice Fusion EMR software additional training is provided , the ability to obtain HIPPA certificate, and be available to work both nights and weekends as needed.

Busy executives may have a large workload at the office, as well as busy work at home. They work with clients that seek to free up time both at the office and in the home to spend time doing what they love most. Contemporary Virtual Assistance Contemporary Virtual Assistance promotes its ability to save businesses time and money with their elite team of experienced VAs.

They seek to work with VAs familiar with customer service, email support, helpdesk, website optimization, planning and hosting webinars, writing newsletters and blog posts, social media management, calendar management, and software management. They work with businesses of all kinds including entrepreneurs and independent workers or startups.

Tasks associated with their VA jobs include office support such as secretarial services, writing content for businesses, financial tasks, sales and marketing projects, helping companies with their technology problems, provide graphic design work for businesses and even video and audio services. This provides a great opportunity for VAs of multiple backgrounds because there are a variety of businesses and tasks you will work with.

Current VA work includes things like admin support, content creation, bookkeeping, customer service, email marketing, graphic design, managing schedules, search engine optimization, spreadsheet management, and even travel research and accommodations. They look for VAs that have a background in these related areas with proven ability to do good work in the respective areas described above.

Paragon Planners Paragon Planners provides VA services for businesses, with VA services ranging from things like territory management, scheduling and appointment setting, marketing, event planning, phone calls, administrative support and other related VA tasks. They look for applicants who have proven track records of the above-listed tasks, with the ability to stay organized, have great customer service and capability to manage a calendar of tasks to be done.

Working as a VA is a great way to make money from home and this course can help you to make it happen. Learn More Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners Some of you may not have a complete background working as a virtual assistant. Everyone has to start somewhere, and there are available resources for getting started quickly. FancyHands FancyHands is one of the most well-known places to find work as a virtual assistant.

However, clients also have the option to hire a dedicated VA to do all of their work, so there is a chance that you could get matched up with a client in this way. The work you would do as a FancyHands VA would include things like making phone calls on behalf of people, scheduling appointments, researching the best price for something, finding hotels that meet certain criteria, and data entry.

The qualifications include: A computer and a reliable internet connection. Knowledge of different fields. Self-starter who wants to take on more responsibility and try new things.

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