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Local jobs in philippines

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If you need a job urgently and you want to earn a lot, go polish your English skills and your accent, write your resume and apply at Call centers. Customer Service Assistants. Do they give water to customer service agents in call centers? Do they help customers with what they want to do? Or are they the offline equivalent of call center agents.

Information Technology Specialists. Although we fall behind India in terms of IT proficiency and the number of IT practitioners that we produce, a lot of IT specialists are sought after by companies in the Philippines. Production and factory workers. Next to the services sector business process outsourcing, call centers, etc.

For people who want to work in factories, then you better ask around and apply to these companies. With a number of malls going up nowadays, salesladies are in demand. Salesladies are in demand not only in our country but also abroad. At least, Filipinos who want to go abroad have more choices now.

Sales Clerks. Perhaps sales clerks are the male equivalent of salesladies. Construction Laborers abroad. There seems to be a shortage of carpenters and builders abroad. Also, get pocket Wi-Fi as your backup. Communication and work productivity tools Be familiar with and have an account with these commonly used tools for online jobs: Google Account for access to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, and other services LinkedIn Skype 5.

Savings account and PayPal account Of course, you need an account for receiving payments. Most clients pay via PayPal or bank transfer. Tips and Warnings 1. So when looking for online part-time jobs, focus on those within your expertise.

This allows you to deliver high-quality work without much effort and a learning curve. Find a part-time job that fits your schedule The biggest challenge of hustling through your full-time job and the part-time gig is balancing your time. Before searching online part-time jobs, determine how much time you can realistically allot to a side gig, considering its difficulty level and your skills.

Keep these things in mind when choosing a part-time job—it must work with your schedule, not ruin it. It affects the quality of your work and may cost you your clients or full-time job. Prepare for online job interviews Interviews for online jobs are usually held via phone or video calls. Some clients communicate only through chat or email.

Preparing for online job interviews is crucial. Start with getting a reliable internet plan to avoid disruptions during interviews. Your laptop must have a high-quality webcam and a built-in mic.

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Start looking for jobs in your niche Once you have an account in these job marketplaces, the next step of course will be to look for jobs that fit your specialty. Bid for those that fit your niche well, so you can guarantee excellent deliverables. For example, I used to look for product reviews and tech-oriented writing gigs mainly when I was starting.

Doing this will earn you two things: 1 Test and find out if a particular niche works for you; 2 Learn more about that niche and expand your capabilities. Your job is not to boast about who you are or what you have accomplished.

What they really want to read about is how the heck you can help them. Try not to use generic-looking templates that look like they were written by a chatbot. A fine balance of direct and relaxed tone focussing on how you can help them be specific combined with related proof share your experience, specialty is what I found to work best. Review the terms and agreements of your contract Once you get the job, be very specific about the terms. Deadlines and schedule details should be crystal-clear.

More and more jobs become more interconnected, lines being blurred. For example, social media managers are also well-versed in email marketing. Content writers who can write about a dozen niches and topics. Virtual assistants that handle social media, web content, and e-commerce like a boss. There are SEO specialists who can also create dazzling content for blogs and commercial sites.

And many more. I promise. This is important because once you are inside the contract, you may not be able to request increases for a period of time. Failure to do so could lead to you getting underpaid or see your operations become unsustainable.

This could lead to lower job satisfaction and performance. Also because asking the client for rate changes without prior agreement may lead to unpleasant feedback. For fixed-rates or project-based, estimate the number of hours and multiply your rate. You can give your data as evidence that you have already calculated how low you can go.

Your desired margin can determine your extra savings which you should use for tools upgrading, upskilling or other investments. The better your investments are, the better professional you become. Some platforms also offer a default minimum rate e. Once you know how they work and how to use them, your first work-from-home job will be a lot smoother and less stressful.

Companies that hire remote workers typically require the use of the following software or apps. Slack Best for: Team Communication Slack is a popular and user-friendly instant messaging platform. Suitable for remote work, this communication management app allows users to collaborate effectively without the need for clunky emails.

You can ask questions and get answers quickly, make video calls, share files, bookmark important messages, pin documents for easy reference, and even have non-work-related chats with colleagues. Zoom lets meeting participants share their screen or files and even change their actual background into a virtual one like turning a messy bedroom into a professional office background.

It also allows real-time chat and local video recording. Trello Best for: Project Management With a simple Kanban-style interface, Trello is a great tool for remote teams that need to stay on top of their tasks and projects. Users can create, assign, and monitor tasks, and those who are assigned responsibilities can update the progress of each task by dragging and dropping a card into its appropriate list. Everyone in the team sees the updates, and so they can keep track of the progress of each task.

Google Drive provides free cloud storage as well as the ability to share and edit files simultaneously by multiple users. It also makes files more accessible by allowing both online and offline access through mobile devices. A free online tool for time management, the Google Calendar app helps you stay productive by letting you plot and track your schedule.

You can even use it to jot down your own ideas or brainstorm ideas with your teammates. So when I was researching for the best tips and meaningful advice for this section, I was really curious to know what my peers are doing to ensure that most days as a freelancer will be smooth-sailing, cause it can get really hard at times being your own boss.

The following is a collection of some of the most useful advice that any aspiring and seasoned freelancer can apply to their own routines and workflow. Get the right equipment and tools I once had to create multiple tables in Google Docs for an article I was writing but I forgot to bring my Bluetooth mouse I was working outside. Not only was it more time consuming, but it was also harder to do. When it comes to software, if paying for full versions of the essential apps and programs in your work will make your job a lot easier then go buy it.

Or find cheaper alternatives. The bottom line is, you should try to get the right tools for the job. Make a schedule and stick to it If you have complete control over your workday which sounds easy but actually hard to execute right , you should make a schedule.

Keep communication lines open Keep your team and clients regularly updated on your progress. This helps ensure everybody is on the same page and working toward the most important goals. Plus, it helps to chat with the team and colleagues every once in a while especially when your bored to your wits from working at home for days straight.

Helps keep loneliness at bay. Same with having too much noise in the background, having a messy desk, or having my phone with me while working. The lesson here is clear: Distractions kill your productivity. It eats away your precious work hours. And yes, that includes your phone.

Manage your energy levels When I once read life coach and entrepreneur Tony Robbins say that managing your energy levels is one of the key secrets for maximum productivity , I was skeptical. You have to be proactive in keeping your strength and brain power reserves well-stocked or at least not empty especially when you have to do a lot of non-work related tasks throughout the day.

If you are looking for jobs in the arts cultural or creative industries then ArtsHub is the best job portal for you to begin your search. Job seekers are required to pay when applying for a job on this site. This site has helped Filipino job seekers get the best jobs since its creation and still does that to date. Recruiters and job seekers find it easy to use. Indeed Indeed. Job seekers get part-time, full time, contract, internship, and new —grad type of employment through this site.

They also provide jobs in all categories. Job searching is very easy with Google for jobs. Job seekers easily search for the type of jobs they are looking for. They can search by location, city, and by company 9. Jora Here, Employers post job ads for free and job seekers can apply and search among the , available jobs.

You can browse jobs by keywords, title and by company This portal provides the best job offers in the Philippines. Employers can advertise their jobs for free. About jobs are available on this site. JobsBulletin aims at providing a good job-hunting process to job seekers. Finding jobs and Hiring employees has become easier and quicker with jobs bulletin. They offer jobs and career opportunities. Upload your polished CV and let recruiters find you.

JobIsland Jobisland is a search engine that provides tools that will make job searching easy for job seekers. LinkedIn Once you are a registered member of LinkedIn, you can connect with employers from big companies. LinkedIn provides employment opportunities to professionals who are willing to work with reputable giant companies in the Philippines.

A free job site for both job seekers and recruiters. Its main purpose is to help employers and job seekers achieve their goals. HiringVenue Get hired today by searching for thousands of jobs in the Philippines.

Search for jobs overseas too. Search and get promising jobs here. Search for jobs by category and by city and find the jobs that fit. A great site for information technology professionals that are searching for IT jobs in the Philippines. They provide jobs in all categories. Myfuturejob provides fresh jobs for job seekers.

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