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Job with disney

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Research the availability of residences and the logistics of moving there before submitting your application. At the same time, set aside a separate budget for travel in order to appear promptly for an in-person interview if required.

If you plan to move to the company's location before applying or being hired, be sure to secure employment with another company until Disney guarantees you a job. Due to its popularity, Disney may receive countless applications for each opening, creating stiff competition for you.

Also be sure to have your own means of transportation, whether it be a car or bike, since many Disney companies are located in cities without reliable bus or train service. Tailor your appearance accordingly.

Style your hair conservatively. Refrain from getting visible or offensive tattoos. Dress professionally for interviews and leave the body jewelry at home. Also be sure to keep your record squeaky clean, since Disney retains the right to perform background and criminal checks on its employees at any given time. While some consider this too rigid an environment, others thrive there.

They are complemented by two water parks, a shopping and entertainment complex and a variety of resort hotels. What does this mean for people who are interested in a Disney job in the U. Lots of choices! There are roles in entertainment, food and beverage, hotel and lodging, park operations, and retail and store operations.

There are also entertainment jobs that don't involve performing. These cast members help performers bring the magic to guests. Character attendants escort characters out on stage to meet with guests and supervise character and guest interactions. Those who work in costuming spend their days making costumes for and dressing characters, performers, and cast members.

Food and Beverage Jobs Full-service and quick service restaurants in Disney's parks and the surrounding hotels employ cast members in a variety of roles. Quick service food and beverage cast members work in counter service locations preparing and serving meals to guests. Full-service restaurants employ servers and hostesses.

In addition, professional chefs prepare food for the dining facilities throughout the resorts. Hotel and Lodging Jobs Disney guests can choose from hotels and lodging ranging from luxury to motel-style accommodations. Cast members make sure guests enjoy their entire stays regardless of which type they choose. Jobs are available in bell services, front office, concierge operations, guest services, housekeeping, recreation, and management.

Park Operations Cast members employed in park operations roles provide services in the theme parks that allow guests to enjoy the time they spend there. You can find jobs in attractions, specialty stores, custodial, transportation, lifeguarding, photo imaging, and management. Retail and Store Operations Shops that sell Disney-oriented and other merchandise are located throughout Disney World and Disneyland, as well as in cities worldwide. Jobs are available for retail salespeople and managers.

If you want to work in a park as opposed to a Disney Store in a city or shopping mall, make sure to specify that when searching for open positions.

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