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Select Your Areas of Expertise Choose from over subjects and counting! Start Tutoring After completing the application, background check, and onboarding process, it's time for the fun to begin! Students can review your profile and message you directly based on your tutoring subjects, bio, and other info, or we can take care of the matching process for you.

Next, you'll meet your student one-on-one in our award-winning Lesson Space, using the best teaching tools to help your student learn and excel. If you specialize in academic writing, you can also review students' writing assignments and give in-depth feedback to help them polish their papers and hone their writing skills. Rate Your Session After each session ends, both the student and tutor rate how things went.

If either party indicates their experience was less than exceptional, our Quality Assurance team jumps into action to correct any issues, preserving the quality and safety of our thriving community. Get Paid Weekly We streamline the entire payment process and pay tutors weekly, so you can focus on doing what you love to do!

We hold our tutors to the highest standards. We do the work for you in finding tutoring opportunities that match with your area of expertise! Rohit Goyal TutorBin is the best opportunity for a Tutor who wants to enhance their subjects knowledge.

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I am actively working with TutorBin as a Tutor from , and getting a reasonable amount of payment. Along with money, my subject knowledge also increased by working on sessions and assignments. The site has given me with a means of escaping the monotony of the work-home shuffle and finding something more interesting. Maintaining my success on TutorBin is dependent on my ability to work within the parameters of objectives that I have set for myself. Tutorbin provides a good medium to work as a part-time with flexible working hours, as and when the tutor is free and available to work on the assigned tasks.

I am extremely happy to be a part of Tutorbin. Diksha Gupta IIT Delhi Tutorbin is one of the trusted online platform where the students around post their home work assignments and get it solved in a specific deadline. Most significant difference between other platforms and tutorbin, is the admins are really wonderful, they are a effective bridge between students and tutors. Happy Tutoring Parthiban Do you have questions Still doubtful how TutorBin is the perfect online tutoring partner for you?

Wondering why you should be a part of our online tutoring family? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our tutors What is TutorBin for tutors? By connecting skilled tutors to students that seek assistance, we help them to share their technical expertise and earn a small living as well.

What is the payment structure for tutors at TutorBin? We believe in upfront disbursement of payments and generally the compensation is updated within 30 minutes of the completion of the session. The payment for each session may vary between INR INR based on the difficulty level of the problems and the quality of solutions offered. How will tutor rating affect me? Tutor rating is an important component to judge the performance of every tutor.

Each tutor will be awarded a rating at the end of each session based on the quality of solutions provided. The higher the average rating, the more sessions will the tutor be offered. Additionally, if a tutor deals in more than one subject, the rating for each subject will be different based on the performance.

Can I cancel a session that I accepted? While we discourage our tutors to cancel any accepted sessions, we do understand that sometimes emergencies arise. In such a situation the tutor is expected to personally contact the student and communicate the unavailability. The tutor will receive zero rating for a cancelled session.

Tutors can use different online calculators, web whatsapp, pdf converting applications and textbooks. Copying is not allowed. How can I ensure a high tutor rating? To make sure that your average rating is high ensure- Correctness of the solution Clear and easy to understand handwriting Solution methodology- Step by step solution Visible clarity of uploaded solutions Brief and crisp explanation Adherence to the concepts and methodology as mentioned in the reference material provided with the session details Can I cancel the registration or edit information?

Tutors are allowed to edit certain profile information anytime which includes Name, Whatsapp Number, University,Subjects and Payment mode. How do I check whether my solution was correct or not? To check the correctness of your solution, see the rating section in assignment history.

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