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Local government jobs in south sudan local jobs for today in lubbock

Local government jobs in south sudan

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As an independent country, South Sudan has never held national elections. The last elections in the country were held in April when, under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Sudan, the Sudanese citizens voted in the first national elections to be held in the country since In July , South Sudan gained its independence following the results of the independence referendum. Although the first post-independence elections were scheduled for , the country descended into conflict in because of internal disagreements within the governing SPLM party.

Deliberate efforts to ensure political freedoms and curb an authoritarian political climate are important for creating the space for all interested parties to articulate a clear political program. In preparations for the next elections as stipulated in the R-ARCSS, it is important that discussions represent a broader approach that include questions of political freedoms and a minimum level-playing field for the holding or free and fair elections as stipulated under R-ARCSS.

Focus areas of the study To help understand the complexities of holding elections in the highly fragile transitional context of South Sudan, the study will attempt to answer the following key questions: What are the factors that contribute to a conducive environment for elections and what is the current status in South Sudan in relation to this?

What is being done to strengthen the electoral environment and in what ways can it be further strengthened? What can be done to sustain peace in South Sudan through elections? How can this inform electoral assistance strategies and programmatic interventions? Scope and Key Issues The study will focus on conditions that contribute to enhancing a conducive environment for free and fair elections in South Sudan.

The study will not provide an assessment of election operational requirements or the capacity of the National Elections Commission infrastructure, logistics, security and financial requirements to implement elections. The study will, rather, consider other institutions, processes, frameworks and stakeholders that contribute to an enabling environment for these election operations to take place.

The study will provide an analytical report identifying gaps, and targeted recommendations for key stakeholders that will lead to the creation of an enabling environment. In this respect the study may consider the following key issues, amongst others: Structural and institutional weaknesses Civic and political participation of different sectors of the population The impact of the conflict on the socio-political context including displacement Security context Factors that may trigger election related violence and human rights violations.

The inception report will define the scope of the study, elaborate its approach, and confirm stakeholders to be consulted. Information already gained through electoral project formulation consultations will be utilized. The study will adopt a participatory approach by engaging a selected sample of critical stakeholders across various levels of the South Sudan society.

Given the sensitivities around the topic of elections in South Sudan, a methodology, which facilitates information gathering, while protecting the informants will be critical. The criteria for stakeholder selection will be agreed at the outset of the study in consultation with UNDP. However, the following headings outline some possible methodological approaches for the study.

These are preliminary and may be expanded, amended or reduced through consultations with UNDP and validation of the inception report. Literature Review: The Consultants will undertake literature review of relevant reports, studies, and other materials on the subject and South Sudan, including the national dialogue.

This will shed light on the debates on the subject, theories of change emerging from a range of experiences and pathways for sustained transitions in a post conflict context. Perception Survey: The Consultants will conduct a rapid perception survey with key stakeholders on the political readiness for elections and the expectations for the R-ARCSS on the transition.

This may assist in assessing prevalent views of South Sudanese and actors on the transition process and the role of elections. Existing perception surveys may also be utilized. Key Informant Interviews: Key informant interviews will be conducted with a cross section of key informants at national, state, and county levels. In the context of COVID restrictions the Consultant is encouraged to suggest innovative ways for engaging stakeholders for the interviews and other data collection methods.

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To defend their rights. To help them fulfill their potential. Across countries and territories, we work for every child, everywhere, every day, to build a better world for everyone. And we never give up.

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South Sudan is a very poor country and has one of the most underdeveloped economies in the world. Due to political unrest the economy is suffering as we speak. Most expat jobs in South Sudan can be found in agriculture. JobnetAfrica is willing to offer you a helping hand in finding work in South Sudan. Please have a look at our current vacancies and contact us if you have any questions. General information about South Sudan The Republic of South Sudan or in short just South Sudan is a country in Africa, more specifically it is a landlocked country in the northeastern part of Africa.

It only became an official independent country in The capital and largest city is Juba. South Sudan has a population of over 12 million people of which around , are living in Juba. In fact, the sum of money you'll get depends on several factors, such as your category, qualification, type of your contract, and your duty station.

For some jobs general services, national professional officers people are hired locally, so the salary depends on it. Use our UN salary calculator to know your future sqlqry. Is it difficult to get a job at the UN? Getting a job at the UN is certainly not an easy task.

The competition is fierce, as there are usually many people eager to get the same position. It's better to immerse yourself into this adventure being prepared and ready for any outcome. Understandably, there are many people dreaming about working in a powerful international organization, but only the best candidates are chosen. All applications are carefully reviewed and chosen candidates are invited for an interview.

It will be difficult, but we can make progress only by means of difficulties, so it's certainly worth trying. Which languages should I know to apply for the UN job? Every UN job has a set of requirements, like age, work experience, etc. Language knowledge is another requirement that can influence your success. English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian are the official UN languages, but usually, candidates are required to have a good command of either French or English.

The more languages you know - the bigger your chances of getting a job of your dream. Besides, if you have good language skills, you can become a UN translator, interpreter, language instructor, or a teacher. It depends on the position you'd like to get, as there are different education and work experience requirements. For some positions, a bachelor's or higher degree is required, while you can apply for the others having your High School diploma only.

Can I get a job being a student? Those looking for chances to start a successful career can do it even while studying in the university, as the UN offers several volunteer programs and internships for young people. For example, the UN Internship Programme makes it possible for students in the final year of a Bachelor program to get into the UN and understand the core principles of its work better.

There is also a United Nations Volunteers Programme, which is active in approximately 80 countries nowadays. So, if you are a student and want to get new knowledge and skills, you are welcome to choose any of the UN programs for students. Where should I apply for a UN job?

The applying procedure is not complicated at all. So, the first thing you should do is visit the career. So, select the area you like and have a look at those. If you already know what types of positions you are looking for, just use filters to make the search easier. Click the "Search" button and you will have all the jobs in front of your eyes. If you have already chosen a position you'd like to apply to, the next step is registration at inspira.

On this website, you'll have to provide all the necessary details about your qualification as well as your personal information , write a cover letter and voila - you are ready to apply. Just go back to the vacancy you have selected and click the "Apply" button. Use the UN career Guide if you are in trouble, it actually helped more than a thousand of candidates to find the job of their dream in the UN.

In our guide we offer opportunities for all countries : from France UN jobs to Somalia jobs. Last week Fred got a UN job in south Sudan thanks to our guide. As a rule, it takes from two weeks to four months to go through the selection process.

So, you'll have to be patient and wait for the e-mail informing you that you are selected for the next step as a rule, it's a writing test. Then comes the interview by Skype or personally. After an interview, you'll have to wait for the final decision from 1 week to 1 month. How to write a successful CV for the UN? The first and the most important rule you should remember - there should be no mistakes.

A single little mistake or inaccuracy can reduce your chances. So, first of all, you are to provide your personal information. Then, proceed to education. Always start with the latest degree you've obtained. You should provide information about years of studying and the full names of educational institutions. Then comes a summary of your skills and proficiency.

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