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Jobs degree in biology

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Download Guide Entry-Level Jobs for Biology Graduates Graduates with a major in biology getting ready to take the great leap into the job pool are likely to start with an entry-level position. Recent graduates can gain valuable skills and connections through many of these entry-level biology-major jobs. Biological Technician Those who feel most at home in a laboratory should consider becoming a biological technician. Biological technicians are necessary for conducting laboratory-based research, as they maintain the technical equipment and study organic samples such as microbial cultures, plants, and even stem cells.

Shawn Sutton changes media in cell cultures in the StemCultures lab in Rensselaer. The biology major served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Eventually, this led him to pursue a career in stem cell research at the Neural Stem Cell Institute. Sutton attributes the biology program at Saint Rose for fostering his passion in stem cell research.

While working as a biological technician, he collaborated with renowned stem cell scientists — like Dr. Sally Temple — to figure out how stem cells can be used to fight degenerative diseases. Typically found helping senior researchers run experiments, biological technicians exercise their analytical skills, critical thinking, and technical abilities daily. All of which are highly sought-after skills in any field.

Quality Control Inspector Individuals with an eye for detail can thrive in quality control. The talents of biology majors can be highly sought after at pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. Biology majors can put their skills to work by monitoring the manufacturing process of products to ensure federal health and safety guidelines are met. Not only is this an essential service, but it can also pay quite well. Wildlife Biologist If your free time is spent at the zoo or watching the National Geographic channel , it might be time to consider pursuing a career in wildlife biology.

Zoologists and wildlife biologists cater to biology majors with varying levels of experience, so the job growth potential is significant. Senior-level wildlife biologists or those with doctoral degrees PhD. Federal environmental organizations such as the National Park Service hire biology graduates who have a desire to apply their knowledge to government-funded ecological projects.

Common duties performed by entry-level wildlife biologists include recording data during field research conducted by upper-level biologists. Medical Writer Healthcare providers, pharmaceuticals, and medical device manufacturers have medical writers putting their skills to the test creating advertisements, manuals, guides, and other content to communicate offerings. In addition to internships and work placements, relevant voluntary or part-time work is also useful.

Look for opportunities with organisations such as: conservation facilities natural history or science museums pharmaceutical companies schools zoos or veterinary practices. Search for placements and find out more about work experience and internships. Advertisement Employers recruiting graduates for biology-related jobs include: universities and clinical research organisations pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies private hospitals and NHS trusts national and global health, conservation and environmental charities scientific and technical consultancies schools and colleges outreach organisations, such as museums, science centres and broadcast companies.

Many biology graduates pursue opportunities outside the science, education and health sectors in industries such as business, finance, the civil service, marketing and sales. Find information on employers in environment and agriculture , healthcare , science and pharmaceuticals and other job sectors. Skills for your CV In addition to subject-specific knowledge of biological systems and concepts, you develop a range of practical and technical skills and learn how to use specialist techniques and technical equipment.

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