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The population of San Diego, CA was estimated to be 1, in Minimum Wage The State of California enforces different minimum wages in some districts. The city of San Diego may be in a district with a different minimum wage than this. Additionally, the city served as a home for several military bases and naval air stations, which increased in size after World War II.

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Montoya will drive for Arrow for a second consecutive year after finishing ninth last year. He is admittedly smarter, calmer and more calculated than he was at his heyday. If I wreck it before the race, then the fourth car I know is not going to be as good as the one I have now. The only time he softens is when talking about his year-old son, Sebastian, who will be racing in Monaco this weekend as Montoya makes what could be his final Indy start.

Montoya rallied from a penalty to earn the class victory. Montoya starts 30th on Sunday, his lowest ever in the Indy He will have to pass an awful lot of cars to win a third Borg-Warner trophy, but he cautions anyone counting him out. The bigger picture is you need to be able to take care of your car for miles to have any chance to win.

Montoya shrugs. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission. Related: Industrial scalping accident leaves lasting challenges for Monica Thayer Nationwide about 3 million people are injured on jobs, according to OSHA. Houle said he's not surprised by the large number, especially since OSHA does not get informed about every serious accident in workplace.

After his father's death, Houle said he learned more about how OSHA categorizes accidents and when they're even called out to investigate. For instance mining and highway transportation, are not covered by OSHA regulations. If no one loses their life, or someone doesn't get killed OSHA often doesn't even hear about accidents.

Durbin offers a different viewpoint, at least from his company's point of view. Fatalities or serious injuries turn the family's world upside down," Childers said. Dave George, 64, says his amputated fingers have changed his life. But a workplace accident at Salem Republic Rubber in Sebring, Ohio caused him to lose two thirds of his index finger and a third of his middle finger on his left hand. He's right handed, and considers himself fortunate after a career of more than 30 years at the company.

I drop stuff all of the time," he said. Instead I was It definitely affected my income. George, took pride at working at a mill at Salem Republic Rubber in Sebring for more than 30 years before his fingers were amputated in a workplace accident in It was an accident," George said.

George said the accident changed his life. He wasn't ready to retire. He returned to the company, doing a different job that he says he hated. He stayed just two months before retiring early.

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Common electrocution injuries include: Burns. Burns occur in almost all electrocution accidents. With these skin wounds, treatment can be difficult. Burn wounds may require elaborate dressings as well as antibiotics to avoid infection. Skin grafting may be required and in extreme cases, amputation may be the only option. Burning can also happen to internal organs, causing major damage that often affects organ function.

Broken bones. Broken bones typically occur secondarily to the electrocution. For example, someone may be standing on a ladder when the electric shock accident occurs, resulting in a fall and fractured bones. Internal damage. Electrical hazards pose a serious workplace danger that exposes workers to burns, electrocution, shock, arc flash, fire, or explosions. All of these are hazards posed by electricity on a construction site, but the majority of accidents involve the risk of electrocution, and the potential for shocks and burns.

Electrical accidents pose a risk not just to electricians and those working directly with electricity, but also to construction laborers, supervisors, and anyone working on or around a construction site. Avoiding Electrical Accidents While OSHA has designated safety procedures that workplaces must follow in regards to exposure to electrical hazards, it is imperative that every worker take a proactive role in identifying and avoiding these hazards on the job.

High voltage electrical accidents often lead to serious injury or death, so you should be aware of areas that pose a greater risk. A GFCI detects ground faults and is designed to protect the worker by limiting the duration of electrical shock.

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A family lost a son and a community lost a young man of promise on Tuesday morning when year-old Lane Crosson died on the job of electrocution. (WFLA) – A Highlands County man is behind bars after deputies say he performed a botched castration in his home on a man he met through the dark. Raymond Houle, 53, a lineman for First Energy was killed in May when he was electrocuted while repairing a buried line in Canal Fulton.