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Condense these findings into relevant insights by cohort, such as core values, media consumption habits, shopping behaviors and trends, spirits preferences, key holidays, and so on. Develop actionable recommendations on how to target each cohort based on the insights, for example use radio over print ads to target Hispanics given they over-index in this channel for media consumption.

Reme was excited to present her work at an annual summit where the full U. Additionally, I found that the Multicultural Marketing team has continued to evolve and enhance my initial guide to include new cohorts and insights as these became available. As well as her manager, Reme had support from a number of colleagues such as a recent MBA mentor, and a network of recent MBA colleagues, who made themselves available to meet up, answer questions, check in on progress, provide advice on the work she was developing, or just be a friendly face.

She also received help from a number of informal senior mentors, who naturally and selflessly offered their time and advice over the weeks. In fact, everyone around her was happy to drop what they were doing and answer questions as they came up. Reme remembers seven Happy Hours in the ten weeks she was there. Why is an internship so valuable for your future career? Beam Suntory Associate Brand Manager, Annie Gorman, explains the importance of internships drawing on her own experience.

Drawing on marketing principles from university During the summer between her first and second year at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Annie was a marketing intern for a leading drinks brand. Creating a go-to-market strategy during her internship Marketing principles Annie called upon were included in her consumer research and needs identification. Annie gathered this information with the help of the company's Consumer Insights team and syndicated reports from marketing research firms.

Beam Suntory is a place where you can come Unleash your Spirit by making an impact each and every day. Beam Suntory is a world class employer that develops talented, high-performing team members in a fast-paced, inclusive environment. Show More With our greatest assets - our brands and our people are driving growth through impactful marketing, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, while staying true to our heritage.

With our greatest assets - our premium spirits and our people - we're driving growth through impactful marketing, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Rooted in two centuries of family heritage, Beam Suntory has evolved into one of the world's leading premium spirits companies where each employee is trusted with a legacy. With Their greatest assets - Their brands and Their people - They're driving growth through impactful marketing, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

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