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Teamsters local 439 jobs

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If you work for a bargaining unit represented by Teamsters Local , your employer and the union have an agreement that as a condition of employment, you must become and remain a member in good standing with the Union. There is often a provision in your contract that explains your obligation to pay dues and join the Union, or pay a fair share fee public employees , depending on your contract.

When the Union fights for you at the bargaining table to set and improve your wages, benefits, job protections, work standards, and more; the Union is representing all employees in the bargaining unit. The Union represents all employees on matters covered under the contract, and takes action when a violation of the contract becomes known. Union dues pay for the administrative and representation costs of these services. The Union is required to enforce the contract, so if you are not paying dues, most contracts outlines the action it must take.

Do not let your dues lapse. Immediately notify the Union to make payment arrangements and reinstate your good member status. I am having problems with my Union health and welfare, or pension benefits. Who do I contact? If you are covered under a contract that contributes to the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Fund or makes contributions on your behalf to a Teamsters-managed health and welfare benefit trust fund, please contact the administrator listed in your contract. Your contract should indicate when your coverage begins and the terms of eligibility.

If you can not find the information or need assistances, please contact the Local office staff who will assist you in identifying the benefit fund name and contact number to call. Benefits are not handled in the office, but we can assist you in reaching the appropriate office or fund that manages your benefits.

I have moved and need to update my address. Please contact the Local Office staff to update your mailing address. Your employer will often provide the Union with a monthly update, but it is advisable to notify us right away. Also, you will need to notify your benefit fund office and when applicable, your K Fund administrator and the Western Conference of Teamsters.

I would like to check on my retirement plan that is managed by Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Fund. How do I proceed? You can directly contact the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Fund, or you can contact the Local Office staff to make an appointment with a representative who visits the office on a monthly basis. The representative can assist you in projecting your benefits, discussing your contributions, and confirming your eligibility dates.

It is advisable to prepare at least three months before the month for which you plan to retire, so that you are able to meet with the representative and prepare the paperwork. When are Union Meetings held? The short version is that Teamsters Local is not always accepting new members. Sometimes Teamsters Local just closes the book, as the saying goes. To figure out whether or not Hollywood Teamsters is in permit, you have a few options: The first and most direct option is to call the Teamsters Local organization phone line.

You can reach them at On the other hand, you may also check the official Teamsters website or email one of their office representatives. In theory, this is a straightforward task, but it presents an interesting question: How do you accumulate 30 days of union work without actually being in the union?

Getting hired to work Teamsters Local jobs without actually being a member of Teamsters Local sounds like an impossible task, but it can be done. To accumulate your 30 days, you have two basic options. And yes, if you were curious, this is indeed where the luck comes in. First, they have to check the Teamsters Local call board, a roster of qualified union members who are available to work. If a union member with the right classification is willing and available, the production will hire them.

End of story. If no union members are available, however, the production is free to pursue other leads, which means that they can hire non-union labor. If you want to accumulate your 30 days this way, your best bet is to begin by building a network that can connect you to the right kinds of opportunities.

Signatory production companies or production professionals who frequently work on signatory productions may be able to put you in direct touch with hiring opportunities. But, you might consider getting to know current members of Teamsters Local If you happen to be working one of these union organized productions, you might be able to achieve Teamsters Local eligibility in no time flat. The CSATF is a non-profit organization that carries out a variety of services on behalf of unions and laborers in the entertainment industry.

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Serving San Joaquin, Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties ; Instagram Updates. See what's happening ; Access and Download Forms. Downloads and documents. Question #, Answer. I started a Teamsters job. When do I join the Union? You must join the Union within 30 days of your first day of employment. Local Our membership consists of warehousemen and truck drivers from variety of companies like UPS, Safeway and Supervalu, amongst others.