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The population of San Diego, CA was estimated to be 1, in Minimum Wage The State of California enforces different minimum wages in some districts. The city of San Diego may be in a district with a different minimum wage than this. Additionally, the city served as a home for several military bases and naval air stations, which increased in size after World War II.

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Application of jobs

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Avoid fancy graphics because as they can distract the reader. Leave plenty of white space with generous margins and indentations. Sections to Include in Your Resume Personal Information name — include your name on every page address phone number, including area code email Don't include confidential information, such as your date of birth, marital status, or your social insurance number. Summary of Qualifications Immediately following your personal information, market your most important and relevant qualifications.

Often, this includes a statement about your strengths as they relate to your work experience that makes you a suitable candidate for the job. Tip: imagine how a friend or coworker might describe your strengths. This serves no useful purpose if it merely repeats the title of the position for which you are applying.

If you decide to submit your resume as a supplement to the job application form, cross-check it with your application to ensure there are no discrepancies. It depends on the employer. A job application can be completed in several ways. In some cases, simply submitting a resume and cover letter online will be considered your application; you will not always be required to fill in a digital application form.

In many cases, though, digital applications will require you to input your data directly into their system while frequently providing you the option to attach copies of your resume and cover letter as well. Online Job Applications. There are thousands of sites where you can post your resume online and complete an online job application.

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Sometimes, you can apply online on job sites like Monster. In-Person Job Applications. Many companies, especially retail and hospitality employers, expect applicants to apply in-person or at a kiosk in the business. It's not as complicated as applying online, but you will need to be prepared to apply and maybe even interview on the spot. Email Job Applications. When you are using email to apply for jobs , it's important that all your communications are as professional as they would be if you were mailing a paper application.

Here's advice on how to submit job applications via email. Paper Job Applications. There are paper job application forms that you fill out if you apply in person for a position.

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I hope to join your team in providing quality services to your clients. Best regards, Kathrine Kelley Dear Juliette, I am writing to apply for the position of manufacturing engineer with reference to your above advertisement. As you will note from my enclosed resume, I have experience with a wide range of programming languages through academic projects and part-time employment.

Global organisations are used to attracting candidates from diverse backgrounds and often have dedicated staff to advise on international qualifications. Some employers will ask you to translate your grades into UK terms, perhaps using percentages. Be positive and represent this as a move that offers the opportunity to better apply your skills and develop your career.

Your cup must be half full, not half empty. Your answers should place more stress on what you can do for them than what they can do for you. When you apply you are attempting to start a relationship by finding common ground. Research their website and other sources to identify what interests you about the employer and the role.

Competencies — Skills in Action It is usual these days to include competency questions which seek evidence of skills such as teamwork, organising, supervising or managing, problem-solving, communicating, initiative and others. Naturally, the relevant skills list arises from the job description and you can often guess what it includes. S — describe a situation T — tell them what your task or role was A — say what action you took R — always mention the result; employers like results-driven employees R — sometimes it is appropriate to say that you reflected on what happened and decided how you would tackle the problem next time If your answer includes at least the first four of these points you will be providing what they want.

Omit them at your peril. Strengths and Weaknesses Application forms often ask about strengths and weaknesses. Most people have little difficulty with strengths but struggle with weaknesses. Never give one-word answers. Try to suggest situations where your strengths were employed. We all have weaknesses but so many people say that they are perfectionists that employers get tired of this response. Think of your weaknesses as areas for development.

Consider also your personality. Extroverts are good at talking but often speak before thinking things through. Introverts reflect of issues but are often not good at communicating their thoughts. If your attention to detail is good you may need to remind yourself of the big picture, the overview. But those with a vision of where they want to get often find it hard to attend to the detail. Employers often ask such questions to see if you have ideas and can express them lucidly in prose.

Alternatively, they may ask about your knowledge of current affairs. If the firm is listed on the stock exchange know their recent share price history. Consider how the current economic situation will affect their business. You are under no obligation to answer this question but cannot subsequently complain that you were not given the opportunity to mention something. You might choose to highlight further motivations for wanting to work for the employer or evidence of relevant skills and achievements.

Monitoring Questions Inevitably most forms have a list of standard questions relating to ethnic background, health, disability, criminal records, and gender. Some are designed to defend the organisation from accusations of discrimination. Others may have legal significance. Referees Choose referees who you know will say good things about you.

Academics like academic referees and business people prefer those from a commercial background. Always seek permission from the referees before including their details on the application form. There is often a section on the form which you can tick if you do not want your prospective employer to contact the referees without your consent.

And Finally… Never tell a lie.